The 10 Best Chair Mat for Carpet and Heavy Person

If you work in an office or like to host meetings at your home, you know how important it is to have a clean and tidy floor. But what if your floors are covered in plush carpet? Carpets can be incredibly difficult to keep clean and even harder when they’re covered with food stains, coffee drips, and scuff marks from heavy chairs. If you find yourself in this situation then a chair mat would be an essential item for any home or office setting!

1. Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat for Hard Surfaces

This polyester rug chair mat is ideal for hard surfaces and commercial carpets. It comes in two thicknesses, for hard surfaces and commercial carpets, 1/4-inch thickness is recommended. For all other surfaces including plush carpets, 1/2-inch thickness is recommended.

The rugged construction features a 100% Jacquard Woven Polyester Rug Surface which provides the best protection against spills. The rug surface also features an easy-rolling design that allows you to move chairs around with ease without leaving behind scratches from wheels on wood floors or carpet fibers that can lead to discoloration over time. The backing of this mat has non-skid felt dots that help keep it secure on any floor type including hard surfaces and carpet.

2. Evolve Modern Shape Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat

The Evolve Modern Shape Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat is an excellent choice for low pile carpeting. This chair mat protects your carpet with a cleated surface that traps dirt and debris, preventing it from damaging your floors or making them slippery. The rectangular shape of this car seat cover allows you to fit it on any type of floor space—smaller workspaces as well as large ones. You will also appreciate how seamlessly it blends into the background by its clear appearance; this means that no one will even notice when you have guests over!

The Evolve Modern Shape Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat has a smooth top surface so there is no interference with moving around while using it. The material used in its construction also makes sure that nothing gets trapped underfoot—it glides easily over whatever surface you place under it without leaving any marks behind!

This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty which guarantees against defects in materials or workmanship within this timeframe; simply contact customer service if there are any problems after 30 days so they can replace or refund your purchase.

3. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Plush Pile Carpets

Protect your carpet from damage caused by chair casters with this 3×6 foot rectangular mat. Made from polycarbonate, this mat is incredibly durable and firm, unlike other mats that may crack, curl, discolor or smell. The transparency of this mat allows your flooring to show through, making it easy to coordinate with your decor. It lies perfectly flat right away, so it won’t trip you up when you walk on it and has a smooth surface that helps reduce fatigue in the legs of chair users. Heat resistant and waterproof – safe for the environment; 100% recyclable; free from toxic chemicals and PVC; child and pet safe! GREENGUARD certified. Gripper back for stability on plush-pile carpets; Rectangular 48″ x 60″; mat size may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process.

4. Dimex Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat For Low And Medium Pile Carpet

This is another chair mat that makes use of a clear design to blend into the floor. It’s also slightly smaller than our other recommendations, making it easier to transport if you need to move it around often.

It has a smooth top surface and cleated backing that grips carpeting up to 3/8 (0.375) of an inch thick, so it works well on low or medium pile carpets. The product is packaged in a cylinder for shipping stability and lays flat once unrolled and secured with double-sided tape or adhesive tabs (both included).

5. Anti-Slip Chair Mats for Carpeted or Hard Floors

The 5th chair mat is the anti-slip chair mat for carpeted or hard floors. This heavy-duty chair mat is 0.2 inches thicker than other similar products on the market today, making it perfect for heavy-duty use at home or in the office! These chair mats are made from top-grade PVC material which makes them very pliable and durable; this ensures that you will get many years of great performance out of these high-quality mats!

You also won’t find any BPA & Phthalates in our office chair mats for carpeted floors, so rest assured knowing you’re buying a safe option for your home or office environment! This eco-friendly design will protect both your hardwood flooring as well as prevent scratches caused by unwanted pets walking around on it during meal times or playtime with their favorite toys. The unique surface allows your office chair casters to move easily while carrying out daily tasks without slipping out of control; this helps promotes ergonomic posture while reducing physical fatigue significantly over time when compared with traditional nonslip materials found in other competitors’ products! The grip is just right – not too much but enough so there’s no chance those scuffs will be happening anytime soon (or ever).

These beautiful carpet pieces also protect wood floors from scratches caused by pet claws anywhere inside – whether they’re playing fetch outside without anyone watching them closely enough yet again (we all know what happens when kids get bored), running around upstairs alone after school hours….or even just chasing down each other near where dad left his drink last night before bedtime stories were done reading aloud together.

6. Kuyal Desk Chair Mat for Carpet and Heavy Person

The Kuyal Desk Chair Mat for Carpet and Heavy Person has a studded underside that holds the mat firmly in place on carpet floors. It’s suitable only for use on low and no pile carpets. The royal chair mat is odorless and free of BPA, phthalate, PVC & volatile toxins for a healthy indoor environment.

The transparent surface with special treatment makes it difficult to slip; allowing the beauty of your floor to shine through! An easy-to-clean & durable plastic material makes this chair mat an excellent choice as your home needs one! Don’t hesitate anymore! Just get one now!

7. OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet

This chair mat for carpets has a unique extended lip that allows for under-desk coverage, making it ideal for heavy-duty use. The transparent nylon surface allows the flooring colors to show through, allowing you to customize your space and create a more complete look. This chair mat is made from a 1/4″ thick carpet pile which is the ideal pile height for this product.

This product has been tested and proven in an independent third-party testing lab on various surfaces such as hardwood floors and carpeted floors with varying heights, patterns, and textures around 1 mm up to 6 mm (1/16″ up to 3/16″).

8. Gorilla Grip Desk Chair Mat

The Gorilla Grip Desk Chair Mat is an excellent option for anyone looking to protect their carpet while also enjoying the benefits of having a chair mat. Constructed from heavy-duty material, this mat allows your chair wheels to glide seamlessly on top of its strong and sturdy surface without scratching, sinking, or leaving indentations or divots behind. The slip-resistant design of this mat means it stays securely in place on most carpets so it won’t slip or slide when you move; before using the mat, test with your foot to ensure it is securely in place and doesn’t move. This European-made design is incredibly durable and meant to last for years; at over 3 millimeters thick the chair pad won’t bend or curl over time making it an extremely solid product not prone to leaving divots from chair wheels as some other mats might do after long periods of use​.

9. Super Deal Upgraded Office Mat Chair Mat

Super Deal Upgraded Office Mat Chair Mat is designed to protect your floor from scratches, punctures, and scuffs caused by rolling office chairs. It has a non-slip texture on one side that keeps it firmly in place on hardwood floors or carpeted areas in your home, office, or cubicle.

The upgraded 1/8 inch enhanced thickness protects against wear & tear caused by heavy use while providing optimal comfort with its smooth rolling surface that maximizes productivity and minimizes fatigue over long hours at work. The rolled edge design eliminates the need for additional trimming around the edges of desks so you can enjoy hassle-free installation with no worries about snags or damage to walls behind furniture legs due to protruding plastic edges which irritate if touched frequently–you’ll never have that problem again!

This eco-friendly product uses 100% pure PVC material for its construction which makes it durable enough for even heavy-duty use every day but still lightweight enough not to cause unnecessary strain on users’ backs when moving around their workspace; this means less chance of injury due to muscle aches after long hours spent sitting at their desktops too!

10. Kuyal Office Chair Mat for Carpets

Thick and Sturdy: 2.2MM, More Thicker. Made of top-grade PVC material, these chair mats are thick and sturdy yet very pliable to prevent cracking or shattering, durable and reliable for long-term use. Adequate Grip: Studded underside holds the mat firmly in place on carpet floors – Suitable only for use on low and medium-pile carpets. Move with Ease: The unique surface texture allows your office chair to move easily while carrying out daily tasks but has enough grip to maintain controlled rolling so the chair doesn’t skid around. Ease of rolling between tasks promotes ergonomic posture and helps considerably reduce the risk of leg fatigue. Eco-friendly: No off-gassing – odorless, free from BPA., phthalate., PVC., volatile toxins for a healthy indoor environment. About Shipment: we ship rolled up in a box but once it was removed from the box and unrolled it straightens out after you walk on it or roll a chair on it for a few days.


It’s important to get the right chair mat for your flooring. If you have heavy foot traffic, choose a chair mat with good grip power and extra cushioning. You can also look into options that offer antimicrobial properties or other features that can help protect against bacteria growth.

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