The 10 Best Dining Table Set for Small Space

A good dining room set is an essential part of any home. Why? Well, the dining room table is the place where families gather for meals and for special occasions. It is also a place where they do everyday tasks such as homework or figuring out the finances. Having a good dining room table is also essential because it helps your family to connect, communicate, and to keep a strong bond. Here is a list of the top 10 best dining table sets on the market today.


Ashley Owingsville Dining Room Table

  • The contrasting color styles between tabletop and legs create a stylish two-tone cottage look.
  • The rich medium brown finish on the tabletop and chair seats is sure to add a warm inviting atmosphere to any dining area.
  • Made of highest grade engineered wood material.


Angel Line 5 Piece Lindsey Dining Set

  • This dining set includes a traditional height pedestal round table and 4 chairs with upholstered cushioned seats.
  • Available in creamy white and dark black color, which perfect addition to your casual dining area or entertaining guests.
  • Easy assembly, no additional tools required.


Ashley Coviar Dining Room Table and Chairs with Bench

  • Rich tonal variation with a clean profile and luxurious cushioned chairs.
  • The classic ladder back chair design is accented with a dark gray palette is comfortably practical and spacious for guests.
  • Both the chair and the bench are cushioned with stain-resistant high-quality faux leather seats.

Top 10 best dining table sets:

1. Angel Line 5 Piece Lindsey Dining Set


Light-colored dining room sets are in style. Many homes today use the colors gray and white as a part of their color scheme. The 5 Piece Angel Line Lindsey Dining Set is a white/gray colored dining unit. The dining table is white and has a circular design. The unit’s compact size is perfect for entertaining a small group of friends. It also makes a great seating area for romantic get-togethers. There are 4 chairs that sit around the table. The tabletop is big enough to hold a four-course meal while the living room is for plates. However, the unit is small enough to compliment a kitchen or dining environment. You can also convert this unit into a small workstation for your kid’s homework or you can use it to perform small tasks or projects.

2. SICOTAS Round Dining Table Set, Modern Kitchen Table, and White Chairs


Most dining room sets have a square design. This design is practical because it allows users to make the most of their space. By the way, did you know that most furniture has a square or rectangular design because that is the best geometrical shape for space and use? Triangle and circle-shaped furniture are usually not practical for our everyday needs.

Also, people in the west are used to dealing with objects that are designed with squares and rectangles. Think about the windows on your home, the rooms inside of your house, or how city neighborhoods are designed. People in the west see the world through four-cornered objects. However, the SICOTAS Round Dining Table Set is an exception to this rule. Round table tops typically don’t have the same space-saving qualities as their four-sided counterparts. However, they do offer some advantages. They are easy to position and they provide a unique look for your home.

3. Signature Design by Ashley Owingsville Dining Room Table


When you set up a dining room table in your home, it should be a table that can be used for various functions. Remember, the dining room table is a centerpiece inside of your home. The dining room table by Ashley Owingsville makes a great piece for any living room space. What makes this table so great is its appearance and its design.

First, the table is a two-tone piece that is colored black and brown. These two strong neutral colors can blend into any environment. They also hide dirt and help to add elegance to any room. Since the table is made out of wood it is heavy, thick, and very solid. This table will not easily topple and it can stand up to harsh treatment.

4. Roundhill Furniture Windvale Cross-Buck Wood 5-Piece Dining Set


Round dining room table sets provide you with an alternative look for your home. Again, they are not as spacious as a rectangle or square table set. However, they can provide enough space to comfortably eat your breakfast, lunch, or dinner or to do small tasks. The table has an oak finish and a black hue. This table can be fitted into many parts of your home and quickly changed within the environment. The Cottage Black/Oak 5 Piece Rounding Dining Set seats up to 4 people. The table is compact but useful enough for you to sit with your family or spend time with friends.

5. Signature Design by Ashley Coviar Dining Room Table and Chairs with Bench


Ashley Coviar Dining Room Table and Chairs with Bench Is a classic wooden dining room set. This unit is made from wood and it is elegant. This is the type of dining room set that would be included within an upscale dining area. The unit is big enough to seat 6 people. This table is also durable enough for repeated use. The seats can also take a lot of damage from spills or dropped food. Eating and working are two important functions for this table. This unit can even be included within a large office location. The Ashley Coviar Dining Room Table Set provides comfort as well as style. This dining set makes a great addition to most homes and office areas.

6. Best Choice Products 5-Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set With Glass Tabletop


This dining room set is compact and designed for a family of four. The glass tabletop provides a modern look while the faux leather chairs give family members lots of comforts. You can place the table in a small corner of the room or position it in a wide-open space. This table is a great compliment to a small kitchen and living space. It also makes a great second table for a large dining room area. The glass tabletop gives the set a sense of elegance and style. The table is sturdy, and the chairs are expertly made to support any person. The set is easy to maintain and should last for years with proper care. Also, the compact dining unit is light enough to reposition around your kitchen or dining area if you feel like changing up.

7. Dining Room Set for 6 with Bench


Dining room tables with bench seating are the latest design for dining room furniture. The JULYFOX 6 Piece Wood Rectangular Kitchen Table has a bench. This bench is made from upholstered material and it provides comfortable seating. You’re probably wondering why furniture manufacturers would add a dining room bench to the set. Benches were added to the dining room decor because they provide modern homes with a different appeal.

You can slide a bench under the table to save on space and it also helps to seat an extra person at the table if needed. Remember bench seating has been around for thousands of years. The Greeks, Persians, and even people from the Middle Ages used benches for seating. Homes in the modern west were used to sitting in chairs. However, the recent trend in bench seating became popular again. Today, bench seating is all the rage in the modern dining environment.

8. Lane Home Furnishings 6-Pc Dining Table Set


The Lane Home Furnishing 5045-54 6-Pc Set is a wooden tablet set with gray seating. This dining room ensemble isn’t too fancy, but it is far from being basic. Actually, this unit is a perfect piece to include in your home because it brings just enough style and class without going overboard. This set includes 4 chairs and a dining bench. The table is large enough to hold 6 courses and plates for each person seated at the table. However, it is small enough to be quickly arranged around your living room environment. The unit can be easily implemented into most modern home environments. You can find out more about this dining room furniture set.

9. Armen Living Amanda Bench in White and Chrome Finish


We previously discussed why benches have been included within the modern dining environment. Benches just add a different look to the traditional dining room setup. The Armen Amanda Bench is white, and it has a chrome finish. This is another light-colored dining room furniture piece that will go great in light-colored rooms. Remember, gray and white are popular hues in today’s modern color schemes for the home. When you purchase this piece make sure you have a dining room set that falls within the gray/white color scheme. Otherwise, the Armen Bench won’t compliment your dining room environment.

10. LinkRomat 5-Piece Kitchen, Artificial Marble Dining Table Set


The LinkRomat Kitchen Set has 5 pieces that will be practical for most small to medium-sized living spaces. What makes this unit special is its small size. This is another small table with a superior design. The set is also very stylish. It also has a style that resembles restaurant decor. The LinkRomat is for homes that have an upbeat vibe and who like to move fast. Traditional homes might not be the best place for the LinkRomat 5-Piece Kitchen Set. While it does have a marble tabletop, it still is snazzy enough to be placed in a light and fun environment. The unit has 5 seats that are made from upholstered PU leather. This table is perfect for enjoying meals and drinks with family, friends, and party guests.


Do you really need a large dining room set for your home?

The quick answer is no. If you have a large home with a big dining area you should get a large dining room set that would only make sense. Dining room sets that can seat 8 people and up are available even though they have not been mentioned here. However, 6-seater dining room sets are common and provide more than enough space for modern families. Remember, most families have up to 4 people. Still, there are some families with 5 or more people and a 6-seat table set is very useful for those individuals.

Are benches comfortable for every person seated at the dining room table?

No. Not all people would benefit from being seated on benches. People with bad backs or poor posture probably won’t like bench seating all that much. Bench seating is best suited for younger people or people who don’t have physical conditions that would prohibit them from being seated. If you have a bench seat included with your dining room set; only seat people on the unit who are suited for this type of furniture.

Are small dining room sets practical?

Yes. Don’t forget that everyone does not have a large or medium-sized home. Many homes are small and compact. A person with limited space should be able to have a nice dining set in their home. A small dining room set serves that purpose. They are also useful in large dining areas where extra seating is needed for guests or children.

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