The 10 Best Remote Control Toys for Dogs

Remote control toys for dogs are a fantastic way to keep your dog engaged and entertained. You’ll be surprised at just how easily your pup will learn to operate them all by himself. He won’t care whether you’re there to teach him or not. Since finding the best remote control toy for your dog isn’t easy, I decided to create a list of the 10 Best Remote Control Toys for Dogs.

1. SKYMEE Owl Robot Interactive Toy for Dogs

SKYMEE Owl You can control Owl via the app to cruise at home, track pets and play a fun hide-and-seek game. Automatically triggers multiple action modes by infrared sensing to interact with your pet and make it more active. You’ll be able to see your pet clearly day and night, save images or video in 1080p Full HD, and control Owl flexibly. Make Owl move around, leave a treat trail to bring curious pets out of hiding, and capture them on camera! Or explore the outdoors together and use the attached collar to trace your pet’s whereabouts right up until they are preparing for their next meal delivery!

2. Wickedbone Smart Bone, Automatic & Interactive Toy for Dog

Wickedbone Gemit is a lovingly crafted innovative toy that can drive itself, respond to touch, or be controlled by the app. If you’re just hanging out with the puppies, the toy can choose motions based on how your dog is treating it. During play, Wickedbone Gemit creates new motion combinations every time. The toy’s sophisticated systems can also be flexibly modified through the smartphone app. By connecting to a mobile device and using a touchscreen like a virtual joystick, you will learn as much about making better toys as your dog does!

3. SNiFFiz SmellyUFO Interactive Remote Control Toy for Dogs

Would you like to keep your dog busy and entertained? Want him to be mentally stimulated? Now, there’s a toy that will help him relax, relieve stress, and outsmart boredom. The odor of the treats on the inside plus the funny movements of the toy will immediately grab his attention. The tempting smell of the treats will make your furry friend roll, shove and chase after the toy around to get at them. This way SMELLY UFO will keep your dog mentally and physically active. The game helps him concentrate and become actively involved in playtime which stimulates his brain. It makes a perfect combination of IQ training and physical activity!

4. Remote Control Floppy Fish Dog Toy

Has your puppy ever felt lonely? Maybe the sound of typing is too much for him to handle. Maybe he needs some more attention from you, and that’s why he keeps trying to climb on your lap. Or maybe your dog needs something more stimulating than sitting in front of a screen all day long. Well, we found a solution! The funniest battery-powered fish toy allows you to spend quality time with your beloved dog which will help keep it relaxed and happy away from loneliness and depression since research suggests that pet dogs might be effective at alleviating stress, symptoms of anxiety, or feelings of depression.

5. PETGEEK Automatic Interactive Dog Toys

PETGEEK automatic dog toys that come with built-in programmed moving patterns to create different routes and unexpected movements will of course attract your dog’s attention. And all this without the hassles of manually operating the toy, which is particularly relevant for pet owners who have busy lifestyles, are often away from home, and/or are simply too tired at the end of their day to play with their dogs tonight. This means that your dog will be more than satisfied when getting some undeserved attention from you – even if it does need to be taken out of your pocket!

6. BENTOPAL Interactive Wicked Ball for Indoor Cats/Dogs

The BENTOPAL dog toy is battery operated and comes with auto-shutoff. As soon as your pup touches the toy it will activate for about 10 minutes before shutting off automatically. Use mode 2 to have the ball make a little more noise so your pup can easily find it after hiding in a dark corner somewhere. In motion mode, there are sensors on all sides of this unique interactive dog toy that allows your pup to play fetch with the ball or just simply touch its side to get the ball to move or bounce around (or both). The LED light flashes while in motion so you can see how much fun they’re having. The battery will last up to 8 hours depending upon use.

7. Automatic Moving Wicked Ball Toy for Indoor Dogs

Have you ever seen a dog playing snooker-ball? Add this to your pet’s Easter basket and it will soon become a favorite toy! Fun for all dogs big and small, the interactive dog ball features an interesting design that allows the dog to jump and kick it around, whilst the enticing feather on top of it adds an extra element to their playtime. It takes just 1-2 hours to fully charge the battery which will last up to 5 hours of constant playtime. The dog ball toys are fitted with smart sensors that will make them turn left or right automatically when running into obstacles which are great news for anyone looking for some canine entertainment during a long day at work or school. It works best on wooden floors, tiles, or thin carpets. We can assure you that their safety has been our number one priority in creating this product as there’s no risk of injury if they do happen to get their paws stuck in there.

8. Remote Control Spider for Prank Or Trick Toy for Indoor Dogs

This realistic Spider Walker Toy is a Remote Control that you can operate with the radio control. You can even crawl across furniture and scare your family with a remote-controlled vibrating spider! It’s perfect as a prank, gag gift, or let it crawl around while watching TV. The light-up eyes ensure you will have even more fun by scaring your friends, family members, and your pets. This unique spider walker toy is also functional- it comes with a remote control so nobody will ever forget who’s in charge! A great gift for Halloween or an April Fool’s joke. We guarantee this spider prank will make for hours of laughter!

9. Wenasi Electronic Remote Control Rat RC Plush Rat Toy for Dog

The Remote Control Rat is the ideal gift for both your pet and children. It features a realistic appearance, with a furry tail and flocked coverings that are sure to make this fun new toy an instant favorite! The most unique feature of this gadgetry device is its ability to be controlled remotely by its operator. With the push of a button, your pet will be able to join in on all the fun too!

10. Interactive Remote Control Toys for Dogs

This pet ball combined with remote control is great if you are looking for an interactive toy. The two-layer design of the casing ensures that the inside stays intact even if your dog starts to chew on it – the exterior shell is safe for them to gnaw on and will be easily washable when needed. This ball is made out of non-toxic material which means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet while they play! If your pet likes chasing after things, this remote-controlled ball will suit them perfectly as it will automatically try to constantly evade obstacles as well as be brightly illuminated so they can see while they’re playing. When it comes time to stop playing, make sure you put away any excess batteries so that accidents do not occur!

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