The 10 Best Table For Small Dining Room

Living in a small apartment can be frustrating at times. Individuals usually find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to either choosing to have furniture or enjoy space. For that reason, manufacturers are taking care of this problem by coming up with furniture for small spaces. A good example is this dining table for small spaces that you can always check out if you are looking for a set to integrate into your small space.


HOMOOI 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Table with Two Benches

  • Heavy-duty steel frame with solid MDF tabletop in rich grain finish.
  • The 3pc dining table set is ideal for your limited space dining room.
  • Easy & quick to assemble.
  • Great looking, sturdy, beautiful, simple, smart, and modern design.


Best Choice 3-Piece Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set

  • The compact size allows it to multi-function as a breakfast or dining table.
  • There are ample spaces beneath the table for your legs.
  • Great style, easy to put together, and perfect for small space.
  • The water-resistant engineered wood tabletop and shelves.


Crown Mark Tyler 4-Piece Counter Height Table Set

  • 4-Piece counter height table set.
  • Straight block legs with base connectors.
  • The bench and stools fit under the table.
  • Elegant and comfortable design.
  • A two-tone finish in black and cognac add a gorgeous look design.

Top 10 Best tables for small dining rooms:

1. HOMOOI 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Table with Two Benches


Apart from incorporating this dining space into your small apartment, you can easily incorporate it into your kitchen and make it a breakfast table for all those mouthwatering morning meals. Its surface is pretty sizable and can comfortably fit a meal set of more than 6 people. It does not come with stools. Instead, it comes with benches that offer much more seating space as one bench can comfortably fit more 2 than three people as opposed to a stool that can only fit one person. In the case where you are a big family, you can always put stools on its width sides for more people to seat. It has a pretty clean finish with a warm and earthy color that will easily go well with the furniture in your home.

2. HOMURY Modern Wood 3 Piece Dining Set


It can be pretty challenging to find a dining table that is constructed to perfectly fit small spaces and at the same time acquire a modern taste. This dining set from the homury brand comes with all this and more. Apart from the table, it comes with two extra stools that can be incorporated for seating purposes. Not only that but you can use the stools in holding some of your art items, antiques, and possessions in your home or any other space you wish to incorporate them. Its use is multi-purpose, different from dining purposes, it can be used in your home office as a computer desk or to hold other possessions. Its assembly is pretty simple; however, the great task comes in when assorting the screws as they are not labeled.

3. Crown Mark Tyler 4-Piece Counter Height Table Set


By purchasing this table set, you get to save a lot of money. This is because you do acquire a table, two stools, and benches. The benches are sizable enough and can be for more than two people at a go. Furthermore, if you do not wish to use the benches for seating purposes, you can easily incorporate that into other spaces in your home or office. The material used in constructing this dining set is from a quality oak tree, hence you are always assured of strength and durability year in and year out. Additionally, its design is contemporary, hence this dining set can easily fit into both modern and rustic design spaces. Whenever you want to transport it from one space to another, ensure you employ muscle power as this table is a little bit heavy.

4. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Round Wooden Dining Room Table


Just as its name suggests, this table set will be the best choice when it comes to small space living. It is a set that comes with a round table and two chairs that fit perfectly under the table whenever you want to save space. The table comes constructed with a built-in wine rack that you can conveniently use to store your wine and liquor collections.

On the other hand, you can customize that space and make it a holding area for your eating bowls or magazines. The table features a quality MDF wood that is not only strong but also water-resistant. A point to note, you should always be careful when seating as the wine rack that is underneath the table can hit your knees especially if you are an individual with tall legs.

5. Adjustable Round Dining Table Set With 2 Swivel Pub Stools


When looking for something modern and stylish, you will never go1. wrong with this dining set. A round table with two high chairs. It works more like a wine-drinking table than a dining table for eating purposes. On the positive side, it has been constructed to offer you a lot of convenience, comfort, and support while you are dining. It comes constructed with some of the most advanced technologies. This can be seen whereby it comes embossed with a hydraulic lift to support height adjustments. To add on, it can easily swivel, 360 degrees, a factor that allows for the provision of space. It is also height adjustable and has a heavy-duty footrest to offer you comfort while eating. Equally important is its assembly process which is a walk in the park. Armed with a user manual and well-labeled hardware, you will be able to set this dining up within the shortest time possible.

6. Nathan James Nelson Industrial Counter Height Dining Table for Small Spaces


If you are living in a small apartment, the perfect dining table to suit your space is this unit. Not only does it have a classic finish, but it also features some quality construction from quality material, a factor that makes this dining table serve you for the longest time possible. It tends to be a little bit long hence it is not suitable for families with small kids. On the positive side, you can spend a few more dollars on making customized highchairs to enable comfort during dining time. To add on, its assembly is pretty easy and takes an average of 30 minutes. Whenever this dining table is subjected to damage, do not panic, its manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty hence you can always contact them in case where you need repairs or replacement.

7. Best Choice 3-Piece Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set


The versatility that comes with this unit is just amazing. Not only do you get a dining table to gather and share meals with your friends and family but also get a built-in shelve. The built-in shelve can be used to store all your cutlery, bowls, and plates that are to be used during meals. Additionally, it is a set that comes with two chairs that will easily fit under the dining table in the instance where you want to save space. The chair is well padded both on the seating surface and backrest areas, a factor that ensures your comfort when having your meals.

Back to the tabletop, it comes constructed with a quality waterproof wood material. For that reason, you will never have to worry about it rotting in the case where soup or liquids from the meals you are consuming spillover. The not-so-positive assembly can be a little bit challenging hence it would be advisable to ask a professional for help.

8. FDW Dining Table for Small Spaces Kitchen


The elegance that comes with this dining set is just out of this world. This is from the well-furnished table, coupled with high-end finish chairs. The chairs are well padded, both on the seating surface and the backrest to give you comfort and back support while you are eating. The tabletop features a good quality glass material that gives this unit an ultra-modern finish. The glass is extra thick and resistant to daily scratches. However, you should be very careful while assembling this unit.

You need to handle the glass with care to avoid accidents that might end up in sudden falls and breakage of the glass. Not only that but its edges are also somehow sharp hence you should be careful to avoid scratches. On the brighter side, its assembly is pretty simple, it comes with hardware tools that are well labeled for an easy setup process. Furthermore, its user manual stipulates step-to-step guidelines on how to assemble this dining table set.

9. Nathan James Marble Top Fabric Seat Wood Base Dining Table Set


Its construction is pretty unique. Different from its peers, its top surface comes embossed with beautiful marble material. This makes its use very easy. To add on, you will never need to use table mats as the marble material does not react with heat. Furthermore, its maintenance is also a walk in the park. All you need is to deep a clean cloth into the water and a suitable detergent and then wipe off dirt and other food particles.

Equally important is its frame construction which features some quality and strong wood material. The wood legs come fitted with a pad to avoid your tiles from getting destroyed. Last but not least, it comes with well-cushioned stools for seating purposes, and it comes in a variety of colors. This gives you the liberty to choose one that goes hand in hand with your other home or office furniture.

10. Best Choice Products 6-Piece 55-inch Modern Home Dining Set


A state-of-the-art construction that comes with a contemporary style, quality, and durability that you will never have to compromise on. This dining table set comes with a stylish dining table, bench, and four stools. This is enough seating area to fit all your family while gathering for mouthwatering dishes. Not only that but the dining table features built-in storage racks where you can store a variety of possessions such as magazines, and books, and even customize it and make it kitchenware storage.

The rectangular surface comes constructed from quality MDF wood. To add on, the wood top is well polished, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. To add on, its frame construction features rust-resistant metal that is also strong and durable. The only con this unit comes with is that it does not have pads on its legs. For that reason, this unit can easily destroy your tiles.


What material is being used in constructing the dining tables?

The material used varies from brand to brand. There are those brands that incorporate wood material, whereas there are those like the best choice brand that integrates a fusion of both the wood and metal material.

Can these tables be shipped internationally?

Shipping internationally depends on the brand, there are those that ship internationally and those that do not.

Can the dining tables be used for outside dining?

Most of the tables featured above have been constructed using waterproof material, this makes them suitable to be used for outside dining.


These tables come constructed in different styles and designs. From the above compilation, I hope you will be able to choose one that suits your taste and preference.

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