The 10 Best Table Lamps for Bedroom

The main major light source in a home is good but when it comes to your bedroom, it is sometimes good to have the best table lamps as they ensure that you get that cool and warm light that you have always missed to have. There are many advantages of using a table lamp but the major one is that it eases your lighting needs and allows you to have various shades that you can use in different rooms.

What color night light is best for sleeping?

If you have to sleep, many people will prefer the use of white light or blue light. But I have to tell you that that is not the case. Blue light on the other side has been found to have the worst effects on the kind of mood that you have, and then followed by the introduction of white light. The best light that will promote your sleep is RED. The kind of light here has been seen to give off less depressive-like symptoms and even in the changes of the brain that is linked to depression.

Our Top Picks

Overall Best: Lifeholder Table Lamp, Bedside Nightstand Lamp

Premium Choice: Rustic Table Lamps Set with Nightlight Miner Lantern

Amazing Gift: Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light – Table Lamp

Best Value: Bedside Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp

Unique Design: Albrillo Spiral Design LED Table Lamp

Dual USB Outlets: Bedside USB Minimalist Nightstand Lamp with Charging Ports

Modern Style: Modern Look Ceramic Bedroom Bedside Table Lamp

Multi-functional: Touch Sensor Bedside Table Lamp

Great Antique Look: Brightech Carter Nightstand & Side Table Lamp

Best for Kids Bedroom: Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp with Color Changing Light

Overall Best: Lifeholder Table Lamp, Bedside Nightstand Lamp


When you need a lamp for your choice, then you need just to choose this one here. It comes made with an environmental vision. The low power consumption that it has been designed with means that it can be used for a long time without worrying about any energy costs. Made with a simple design make that also gives out the vintage ability. You will just love what it offers as light.

  • It is light that is energy efficient and fitted with a compact fabric shade.
  • Although it looks modern, the smooth wooden texture base makes it look retro.
  • Designed to use the E26 bulbs. Choose or buy a bulb that will fit your needs.
  • Made with the best materials, starting with a solid wooden base that has a fabric shade.

Premium Choice: Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamps Set with Nightlight Miner Lantern


When you meet a set, then you know that they are ready to ensure that usage and service providence is never going to be the same as others. The set can deliver that rustic aesthetic feel. When used with traditional decor, you will love the bold embellishment that is provided. The dark-framed frame that it has and night-colored glass bring a unique ambiance. They are stable and never have to worry about it falling over.

  • A 150-watt build is used in the lamp to provide the main light and 7W for the nightlight.
  • The Polynesian body that it has with the nightlight diffusers accomplishes what you need in the bedroom.
  • Comes as a set of 2 with miner lantern table lamps.
  • Made with the best materials and set to be durable.

Amazing Gift: Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light – Table Lamp


Don’t just let your room be dull. It is time that you need to light it up and ensure that your day is also brightened. The light can be used in various circumstances, like in your Harry potter room, your esteemed party, or even on your game night. It is safe for all family members to use. It has been made with a unique design with a golden snitch floating inside a tall illuminated jar. You can also use it to light your shelves or desk working space.

  • It is USB powered and thus uses less light to accomplish its lighting ability.
  • It is an illuminated bell jar that contains a floating golden snitch.
  • Fitted with a BDP, an organic additive that is known to be home compostable and also naturally decomposable in landfills.
  • Turning it on and off is easy by just touching the top.

Best Value: Bedside Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp


This is a product that is URL listed and that means that you don’t have any product problems and you will not experience material issues with it. The on and off switch that comes with it will ensure that you can control the light in the best way possible. Installing is easy. No need to get guidelines on how to use it because it is self-explained. Comes made with a sleek design that will elevate the mood of your room.

  • Designed with the best size and design so that it becomes the best accouterment even for guest cottages.
  • The glow that is given is comfortable. You can be able to spend time pretty well with your entire family as the fabric shade softens the light.
  • Has a non-flickering ability. This allows your eyes to concentrate longer without boring them off.
  • It can be used for reading if you need to handle one or two assignments before you go off to bed.

Unique Design: Albrillo Spiral Design LED Table Lamp


The new technology of the spiral design that it has been made with makes this item one of the best it has been made with stainless steel on the side that will give it a simple and unique impression. When you use warm white, you will be able to create a comfortable atmosphere to spend your time in. Why it is also one of the best is that the dimming ability that it has creates an ability of it to meet your various needs.

  • Gives the users an ability or a chance to adjust the brightness up to a level that you will find fitting.
  • The streamlined model used to make it can weaken the direct emission of light.
  • Designed with a non-slip material that enables it to serve you without the worry of stability.
  • Solid and high-quality aluminum is used to make it ensures durability.

Dual USB Outlets: Bedside USB Minimalist Nightstand Lamp with Charging Ports


If you want to keep your desk neat, I have to assure you that this is an item that is so handy for you to have. It has been designed with 5V/2A USB ports that you can use also to charge your smartphones with ease. You can also charge other devices like your kindle and tablets. After you have connected the power supply, you can press the button to illuminate the lamp. Use the stylish pull chain on the lamp to also turn ON/OFF the lamp. That means that you don’t have to stand up to turn it off.

  • Has a beige fabric shade that will create a comfortable feeling in your home.
  • The E26 LED bulbs that it has been made with are energy efficient.
  • The minimalist design that it has been made with makes it look perfect in any room that you will put it.
  • It is a multifunction table lamp that works best in even charging your smart devices.

Modern Style: Modern Look Ceramic Bedroom Bedside Table Lamp


When you want a lamp that has a modern style, then there is nothing that will ensure you get it better than using this one. It is a side table lamp but it can assure you that it can be used in your bedroom or also in the kid’s rooms. The light that it gives out is both warm and also beautiful. Buy it and create that warm comfortable atmosphere. The energy-saving factor that it has been designed or made with also ensures your energy bill protection.

  • Made to use the E26 bulb that is energy efficient.
  • When used in a home to offer that gentle atmosphere, you can be sure to enjoy that romantic atmosphere.
  • It is a small item that looks great for everyone that will buy it.
  • Made with strong materials that will ensure you get moving and even not stolen from.

Multi-Functional: Touch Sensor Bedside Table Lamp


You can now set the mood that you need to handle any occasion in the perfect manner possible. This table lamp has been designed with an RGB color display that will dazzle and delight your family and friends. It has been designed also with the ability to allow you to pick a color that you need and even choose a mix. It is safe for your everyday use and the eye-glaring glare does not exist at all. If you want to power it on/off, you can just touch the base. From the same place, you can also switch light modes, change color, and also be able to adjust brightness.

  • Comfortable to use all night long and does not have that eye-harming glare that others bring out.
  • The colorful display that it has makes it unique. You will be able to choose a color or even try to mix colors for the best light.
  • Comes made with an improved modern design with smoother touching controls.
  • Able to provide users with versatile lights that relax background illumination.

Great Antique Look: Brightech Carter Nightstand & Side Table Lamp


When you look at this item, you will just love how simple it is. But at the same time, its elegance is what makes it a better lamp. Never worry about where you will need to use it because it works pretty well with a variety of interior designs like the urban, mid-century and contemporary designs when you use it, I can assure you that it will add that touch of elegance to your home in one way or another. It has been made with a good-looking neutral linen lamp shade.

  • It is versatile and will look great when put on a side table or desk.
  • The light that it emits is beautiful and can be used in our homes or the office.
  • It is a cylindrical lampshade that measures 12 inches in diameter and also a height of 9 inches.
  • It opens at the top and the bottom thus diffusing off the light to give any room sufficient lighting.

Best for Kids Bedroom: Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp with Color Changing Light


They are rated as the first ornamental tanks of their kind to come out with table lighting with jellyfish marks. They are the best when you are looking for modern décor and also for relaxation purposes. The jellyfish are used to feeling realistic and even have tendrils floating behind them. They are driven by a whisper-quiet motor so that the requirements that users need are satisfied. Choose the color you want by use of the remote.

  • Comes with a remote that will allow you to choose the specific color that you want to use.
  • Designed with a 4-hour automatic shutdown function to save on your energy.
  • Light is essential in helping you relax and also easing your tight emotions.
  • It has been made with a special design with realistic jellyfish and a motor.


Don’t just wait for your bedroom to just look boring. Light it up with the use of the best kind of light that you will never get anywhere. They have been made specifically for you and don’t just buy any other that will not serve your moods and your bedrooms. Choose the best and choose from us.

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