The 10 Best Toddler Table And Chair Set

Furniture shopping is one of the most difficult things to do especially if you have a young kid. Having them around means that you buy something that fits them especially when they’re sitting or doing their homework. Therefore, as you continue to shop for your furniture, it is good to show that your kid is considered. Sometimes it may not be easy but other times it is as easy as picking out clothes to wear for the day.

Reviewed below are some of the 10 best toddler table and chair sets that will ensure that your kid is comfortable and well taken care of whether it is during a homework session or an e-learning session, especially during this time that we are or locked in. In most cases, these sets are made with several chairs and a big table where your child can place their homework book, toys, and other coloring material to ensure that their creativity is well enhanced. They contain space big enough to encourage playmates at home. Having one of these table and chair sets will ensure that you will not have your dining table damaged by your child when they start coloring or writing on them. These chair and table sets are made specifically for them so that they can enjoy their alone time without you having to question them about writing on it. It can be used as a dinner table for them too.


Baby Relax Hunter 3 Piece Kiddy Table and Chair Set

  • Kid-friendly height.
  • A cool design that pairs well with any type of kid’s room decor.
  • Sturdy and safe wood construction.
  • Comes with a brilliant white and grey finish.


AmazonBasics Kids Wood Table and 4 Chair Set

  • Perfect height and size for children.
  • Made of durable, natural sturdy solid wood.
  • Small enough to easily move around.
  • Dynamic use in playrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or outdoors.


Step2 Sun & Shade Picnic Table with Umbrella

  • Includes an umbrella to shade little ones from the sun.
  • Minimal adult assembly is required.
  • No tools are required! Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Strong molded benches can handle the weight of 160 lbs.

Top 10 best toddler table and chair sets:

1. Step2 Sun & Shade Picnic Table with Umbrella


For an amazing Outdoor Experience, you will require this set. It comes with an overhead umbrella to shield your children from the harsh sunlight or sometimes the rain depending on the weather you decide to take the children out on. This set, unlike others, comes with two benches and no separate chairs which can easily be folded together to form a flat table for easy storage. The surface is water-resistant and easy to clean. The only con of this table set is that it comes in a smaller size than expected therefore not good for use on older children.

2. AmazonBasics Kids Wood Table and 4 Chair Set


This is one of the most colorful sets that you find in the market today. With a set of four different colored chairs, this set will be a good place for all your children to play with every one of them chooses their own chair according to color. Made of solid wood this table is durable and steady. It also has well-rounded edges such that it doesn’t poke at your child when they’re being playful. It also comes in a perfect height so that your kid will not strain while sitting. The only problem with this is that you will need an extra set of tools to assemble it. This should not deter you from buying the set.

3. Baby Relax Hunter 3 Piece Kiddy Table and Chair Set


For a baby chair, you will require something that is sturdy and steady so that your child does not keep falling off every now and then. Children are known to be very playful and therefore if a chair or table is not sturdy it means injuries or accidents which can be easily avoided by getting this sturdy, strong, and durable table. It is made of hardwood construction which is known for its durability. It also has a good height which means that your kid will not strain to reach on the top for their materials. The table top is made of a white, nontoxic finish which is easy to clean in case of markings. Its lightweight design makes it not a perfect fit for older kids who are more playful as it can break easily.

4. Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set With Storage


One thing that children really love is seeing a mural of their favorite cartoon show painted on the table or on a chair. This particular set has a beautiful mural of the paw Patrol well painted on the top bringing an atmosphere of playfulness and attracting attention in children. This set is incredibly steady, as it can hold up to 50lbs each on every chair. This means that children above 3 years can comfortably sit without breaking the set. The finish, on the other hand, is scratch resistant to enable it to last for long without destruction or damage from playful kids. The one con that you can only find on this set is you cannot buy extra seats as they come as a set, therefore, when you need to buy extra ones you will need to buy them as a full set.

5. Humble Crew, Vibrant Kids Plastic Table, and 4 Chairs Set


This set is basically made of the best and most durable plastic. It’s uniquely built so that it can have children up to 5 years old. It comes in multiple colors as children are known to be easily attracted by various colors. This makes it a very attractive play area. The legs of the table and the chairs are made with steady non-slip pads for very slippery tiles or when your kid is playing. They are also easy to assemble as well as clean in case of a mess. The only problem is they’re easily scratched especially by sharp objects.

6. KidKraft Wooden Round Table & 2 Chair Set with Center Mesh Storage


Unlike many square tables that have sharp corners, this set comes in around edition which is safe and doesn’t have edges that can harm your child. In the Middle is a convenient lid, where children can easily lift up and store their toys or other fun things that they used to play with. This provides a convenient storage space without interfering with other spaces in the house. It can easily be used by children between 3 and 6 years. It contains two sets of chairs where children can sit opposite each other and play comfortably without disturbing one another. One of the problems with the set is the legs easily crack if not well taken care of.

7. UNICOO Kids Study Table and Chairs Set


Children need to socialize and learn to stay together without fighting or causing unnecessary drama. This table set is large enough to host four children, two on either side. The seats and a table are adjustable in height to 5 levels to ensure that as your children grow you will not throw away the set easily. It is also a way of accommodating younger children. It is very sturdy, easy to clean, and durable. The only common problem is that in case a chair breaks you cannot replace it or buy a new chair separately.

8. Milliard Kids Table and Chair Set Wood with Storage Baskets on Shelves


With this set, you will not worry about your child being messy as it contains two sets of drawers which are convertible depending on the time of the day the child is using the table. The drawers can be removed completely leaving two separate sets of shelves where you can place baskets full of toys and another basket full of snacks so that your child can organize themselves as they play. For strength and durability, this set is made of composite wood. It is finished with a two-tone finish which is scratch-resistant and keeps the table shiny, smooth, and clean. The only little problem with this set is that it comes in only one color therefore you are not able to choose from a variety.

9. Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set


When your child has a tea party it is hard to imagine as a parent where you will be sitting down. To ensure that both you and your child can play comfortably, buy this set which contains one of the most sturdy chairs and tables. This set is made of high-grade plastic which is durable and very steady. To make sure that it fits in with your child’s room decor we have ensured different colors for both chair and table to fit perfectly in a boy’s or a girl’s room. The chairs are made of different colors to enhance your child’s imagination. They are smooth, steady, and easy to clean anytime. The one con about this set is that it can not be used by children above 7 years of age especially if they keep playing with the chairs they can easily break.

10. Costzon Kids Table and 2 Chairs Set


On one side of this amazing tabletop, is a blackboard, and the other a whiteboard. This space is a sure way of enhancing the creativity of a child as you can draw for the things that you want them to draw or they can draw for themselves things that they see or hear. The two chairs that come with this set have built-in storage space underneath so that each child sitting on opposite sides can easily retrace their toys or their drawing objects. They can also be used as storage. It is also made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials ensuring that your child is safe. The only problem is that the chair color easily fades away.


Does the set have replaceable chairs?

Most of these come as a set and in case of damage, you can only buy another set to replace the old one. Some though, offer a replacement chair in different stores.

What is the height of this set and what is the age that is best suited for the set?

Different sets come with different heights for different ages of kids. Each has a well-indicated size and minimum age requirement.

Can I get this in different colors?

Different sets present different colors. Therefore, you can check the one you are most interested in to see if it has a variety to choose from.


For a parent seeking to ensure their child spends quality time enhancing their mind growth, a set from the above reviewed will be a good choice. It will enable you to put together children of different ages so they can learn from one another. This also helps you to have a set where your children can have fun and play with one another.

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