can a family of 3 live in a 1 bedroom apartment

Can a family of 3 live in a 1 bedroom apartment?

When you talk or think of a family, then you can be sure that you are talking about a father, mother, and children. But at the same time, brothers can decide to stay together, or sister. But we have always wondered about the number of people that can always stay together. This is one of the questions that has always raised concern. Your concerns will be taken care of with us right away.

So, let’s ask ourselves this simple but famous question, can a family of 3 live in a 1-bedroom house?

The simple answer here is that; they can surely live in the same house. This happens always in civilized nations. You need to always be well versed in the rules and regulations that permit your kind of house usage. Here are some of the things that will help you out.

  • You need to have one or more murphy beds that will help you out with your sleeping needs

  • If you are going to live in a rental house, then you need to know whether the landlord and the fire code permit you to live in the same 1-bedroom house. If they permit it, then you can go ahead and use the temporary walls that are known to work by spring tension so that you can subdivide the room

  • If you have a kid or kids, then you can allow them to use bunk beds put in the bedroom. For the parents, they can use either the murphy beds or the sleeper type of sofa. Some stores can carry a bunkbed arrangement and add you up with a trundle bed that the third kid will use.

  • Taking a shower might be a problem but always have a schedule that will simplify life in all means and ways. Take turns to have a shower and you will not find yourselves jammed in one place or feeling bad about it. Let it be a habit of who should take a shower first and who should take it last.

There is always a rule that has been applied for a long time and I think it can still be used today. The rule is that ‘2 per bedroom plus 1’. That will give you a clue that 3 people can find themselves comfortably in a one-bedroom apartment without having stress at all. The Fair Housing Act says that you should not discriminate against parents that have dependent children. But landlords have also been given the powers to set a limit to the number of people that can stay in a rental property. You also need to have this knowledge from the landlord so that you don’t get into loggerheads with him/her.

As a tenant, you will be forced to comply with the lease terms, or else you might find yourselves with an eviction notice. This will include noise violations rules. This is very important so that you always maintain the peace of your other tenants that you stay with. You also need to be aware of what will happen if you miss paying your rental dues in time. Will there be a fine or you are headed for an eviction? Read and be aware of everything because circumstances are always not so simple to deal with.

Wherever you will decide to live, it’s good to be aware that overcrowding is prohibited. This is because whenever there is a problem like a disease, it will find itself spreading out fast between the people and also a danger to others too. That’s why there is always a limit to the number of people that are needed to stay in one common place or area. It might be hard to construct a 1-bedroom house for family use. But you can find yourself renting a place for the same. That is why you will need proper guidance and knowledge.

Know the place that you are leaving. There are always rules, get the time, and be conversant with them. Know what the states want you to do and accomplish so that you have a better life with your family at all times. Make the right decision at all times.

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