can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick

Can a fish tank in your bedroom make you sick?

As you stay in your bedroom from time to time, you will realize that this is one time that you will always spend more time than any other room in your house. Much of this time you will find yourself asleep. That means that the mind will be in comfort and resting-state than any other time of the day. That is a clear indication that you will be more susceptible to any energy that you will be around you. That's why bedroom design tips should always be in the front part of everything that you will need in a bedroom.

The obvious answer that you will learn from us here is that a fish tank in your bedroom is never going to be a good idea at all. This is because the aquarium in your bedroom will have a constant movement of water and since it is active, it will greatly affect the calmness that you need as you sleep, the cocooning energy will also be much affected. You will feel more preoccupied and also less stable as compared to when it is not there.

Aquariums are always considered as a sign of wealth and abundance. When they are placed in a place or a room, their major reason for being there is to attract the energy of abundance into your space. They are known and respected because of their ability to balance all the five elements well. That’s starting with water, wood that is plants, metal, earth-with the rocks and gravel used, and also the fire points that emanate from the bright colors from the fish. That's why you will find out that the energy that comes from the aquarium is calming.

The energy that is found in these fish tanks is always very powerful and active. This is because of the constant movement that is given off by the moving or swimming fish. For those that want to use a fish tank as a wealth and abundance remedy, then some regulations will have to be followed at all times. One of the basic things that you will need to know is that one of the areas that you will need to put such a tank will be on the southeast corner of your home or your office. That’s where it’s always defined as a money area. Some fish like the arowanas are known to be energy attractors from others than others.

Why is water a taboo in a bedroom?

why is water a taboo in a bedroom

All that said and done, you will not even feel ok having fish in your bedroom and it should always be the last thing that you will have to think of. The water element can be expressed in diverse ways and things like large mirrors, wall paint, blue décor are among the things that express it. You also need to understand or know the actual water features like fountains because they are the best things that are known to bring off the element of water energy.

Don’t misinterpret me and think that I am saying water is bad. That’s not the case. Water is one of the healing solutions that you can always have in a home or office. This is because it is known to do a lot of clearing and cleansing. But in the bedroom, the active part of the water is what is going to bring the energy of worry and even some grief.

In the bedroom, there is also some fire element but with water around, then it will surely affect negatively your romantic moments or relationships. For a better sensual bedroom experience between 2 partners, the fire element can never be overlooked.

Some people might be of the idea that having such a structure in your bedroom is good. But you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you able to tolerate the noise that is bright on by the fish banging on the fish tank? This might be cumbersome because they will bang on the lid, the hum of the air pump, or even try to trickle off the filter.
  • Do you need dry air? This will not be your option because of the slight humidification factor which might be an issue. The great news that you need to know here is that that kind of air that is not dry might be a health issue.
  • Where have you placed your tank? This is crucial. If it is upstairs and it has 90 or more gallons of water, and your structure is not that strong enough. You can be sure that you will experience some difficulty.

You might also find that you have a small room. That is one of the greatest challenges that you will experience. You can be sure that mold will manifest in the room. This is brought by the excessive humidity that is generated. This is also not a good health factor regarding that when you sleep, you will be unconscious until you wake up in the morning. So, what you will breathe in at night is also always vital for your wellbeing.

Some of the things that you will need to consider before you place your tank in the bedroom.

Let us say that you have beaten all odds and you want to place a tank in the bedroom but realize that you are still in confusion about which place to put it, here is a small guideline for those that think that they can have it anywhere in the home.

things to be considered before place the fish tank in the bedroom

A source of entertainment :

There are those of us that will think that watching fish as they move about from one place to another is fascinating. The bad news is that they can also deprive you of your quality sleep. You might not agree with me but when you experience it, you will find it a genuine reason.

Noise :

When you are having a noisy environment, then you will find it harder to find a good sleep. If you are one of them, this will be a bad idea to even think of. You need a quiet room that has a static kind of environment for you to have a good rest.

Noise might emanate from many other places like the water filters that are placed in the tank. Any little noise is prone to bring total disturbance to light sleepers. That’s why it is always recommended that total silence is needed in the bedroom.

The size of the room :

Aquariums are always made in different sizes. That means that before you have your budget done, ensure you know the kind of size that you will have at the end of the day. Always ensure that you get one that will fit your best. Small rooms will need smaller sizes and bigger rooms medium or bigger ones. This will provide you with enough space to move other items around. A bigger tank in a smaller room will make things even worse for you.

Small tanks :

Although I had said earlier that size matters and space, small might fit well but will give you more cleaning work. For instance, you will have to be ready to constantly clean your floor from the spillage of water now and then as the fish play around in there. You need to always be careful with such a floor because it can easily be slippery. Without your knowledge or any other person’s knowledge, accidents from sliding can be prone or frequent.

Other places that you can mount the aquarium.

There are many other places where you can put an aquarium and it won’t sound bad or absurd in your home.

  • You can place them in the kitchen but ensure grease and smoke is prevented from going into the tank
  • you can also put it on the kitchen cabinetry and it will not look out of place
  • The front of the house will also work better and smarter. It’s also believed that mounting it in such a place brings money to that family. Who does not want that?

For a safe sleeping environment, having a fish tank in your bedroom is never an enticing idea. But you can change that and install it in various places within the house or even at the front part of the house as you have seen. Get the advantages of fish in the right way.

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