can bed bugs live on air mattresses

Can bed bugs live on air mattresses?

Bed bugs are not good animals to have around your home. The bad news about them is that they have that tendency of striking any time, even when you least expect them. One of the places that bedbugs will love to stay or attack is a bed. Never allow that situation to happen because if it happens, it is always very difficult to have them out of that mattress and even remove them from your home. You might encounter many problems that will be difficult to deal with. Even throwing away your belonging might not help you out much because they will have taken your house completely. The best way is to always keep safe and keep watch not to have them close to you at all.

Can bed bugs live inside your air mattresses?

This is a question that most people have always wanted to know the outcome of. Now, I will try to break it down for you so that you understand. The most common answer that you will find here is yes, but that is not all, there is much into that. Bed bugs always have that tendency of drilling tiny holes in a mattress so that they can have a good place to hide until it is nighttime before coming out to launch their attacks. Air mattress has been designed with a hard vinyl and plastic type of material and that on the other part is never going to be a good choice for them. If at all they manage to succeed, you will automatically know because the mattress will start leaking and the final thing that will happen is you landing on the floor.

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This is a clear indication that will show you that the materials that have been used to make these mattresses are never going to be an appetizing place where such kinds of bugs will hide and even stay. That is why this is not the place that will be the first choice for these insects to choose and reside. These materials are also easy to clean and will certainly ensure that these kinds of pests are never going to be a nuisance to you at all.

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At the same time, the sides that are used to make an air mattress are smooth and that will make these bugs have a difficult time climbing up to where they will want to hide or even climb to bite you. If you have them investing in your home, there is the best choice is a sleeping place as you work on eradicating these type of colony that has emerged.

Eliminating these pests from a mattress is a big challenge because they can even stay hiding for a long time without food until they feel like it is safe for them to venture out.

How to prevent bedbugs from investing in your air mattress?

  • You will need to fit it into a zippered encasement. This will prevent such kinds of pets from inhabiting your temporary bed.
  • At the same time, you can decide to wash it on the tub or any type of large container that is large enough to allow complete submersion.
  • After that, you will need to air it out so that it dries well. It will not be advisable for you to put it directly into the sun. Ensure that it is dry before you get to refill it again.

How to know that bedbugs have come to your home?

If you are always keen on your house and what happens there, then here some of the tale-tell signs that you can look out for so that you know that you are under attack.

  • When you realize that your sheets have dark spots. These will include dried blood and the fecal matter that come from the bugs.
  • Their eggs and shells are found around the house. If you notice white and opalescent eggs or even bedbug shells, this is a great alarm that you need to be cautious and act fast; they are around or already in your house.
  • Red welts that are in your body. This is one of the most obvious signs that you can always get. These are bite marks and they will always look like mosquito bites. If you see them, this is an alarm that your bed is invested.

This is great information and you always need to ensure that bedbugs are never going to be your mode of disturbance. When you are keen, you will always be out there to ensure you get them out so that you enjoy your life and a safe home.

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