can I legally put a lock on my bedroom door

Can I legally put a lock on my bedroom door?

Before you even start thinking of a lock on your bedroom door, you have to answer this simple question? Is the house yours or a rental? Various will be got in different ways depending on the house owner. This is because the laws of various states or countries will always be there to protect every individual who owns a house from misuse. If it’s a landlord or landlady, some laws will govern this concept in various ways as we are going to look at them below.

The first thing to know about locks is that they are put both on the outside of the bedroom and from the inside. If you have a room that has pocket doors, the best way to have them locked is by the use of a hook lock. They are not the best though because if there is a fire breakout, then you can be sure that you will be in serious problems. After all, they are made of metal and might be hot, hence difficult to handle.

You will realize that such locks have a hole on the other side that is used as a coat. They are installed on the door and then slide to the latch that has a holder on the door frame. They are always better to be used in adult bedrooms but not in kid bedrooms.

The answer that you will get here is that, yes, you can have your bedroom door locked if it is your premise or home. But things will never be the same when you are in rental premises. This is because tenants will always need to have access to all the rooms in the house whenever a security threat is detected. At the same time, you will not install a lock-in such a room and make it your own, if your tenant agrees to that, then you will have to part with one key to him/her. After your stay is done in the house, you will have to leave the lock there, otherwise removing it will mean damaging the door by leaving it minus one.

To avoid such scenarios with the landlord, you can put surface bolts on the interior part of your room. Landlords will not appreciate or take it easy on you to put locks on doors. This is most cases arise because of the type of insurance policy that they have taken that prohibits lock installation.

It is not a must for you to under so many problems with landlords. This can be evaded with the availability of locks that can ensure that your bedroom privacy is adhered to without having to install door locks. One of the most favorites is the simple button push lock.


It’s always a discussion that will never stop but for others, they will say that it is not a lease. Not if it is the lease, then you also need to ask yourself, does the lease permit you to put a lock in your bedroom? The definite that you will get here is that it is never going to allow you to do that because it has not been stated if you can put it or not. This is difficult to handle because if the premise is leased and no statement or agreement states what needs to be done, it would be allowed.

Zoning codes

These codes specify the size of bedroom windows that can be used. There are also smoke detectors installed and they need to be either operated by electricity or batteries. With these, then there will be other requirements that will be used that will specify access to bedrooms. Any lock that is put on such a house then should not violate these zoning principles and zoning codes.

It is always good to ensure that your security is always a top priority when you are in a house. Having a room locked is good but how easy is it accessible in case of a problem like fire? You need to make sure that you always give alternatives like better windows that people can access to get you assisted if you were in there. Understand the law of the land if you are not on your premises too.

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