Can I use 15 amp GFCI in the bathroom?

Wiring in a home is always delicate and each place that you will do some wiring needs some better electrical knowledge. But in whatever place that you will have wired, even in a bathroom, it has to follow the electrical follow-up of the code of requirements that are set forth by the local building’s office. What has come on these is that these changes have always changed and become better and more exact as compared to other years. This is because electrical demands are increasing with time and you always need to be safer at all times.

Most homes have their electrical codes based on the NEC, that’s is the National Electrical Code. This is a document that was assembled by a committee of electricians and the best building professionals that are aimed at ensuring there is maximum safety when it comes to electrical installations. Always consult your local code as that will always supersede what NEC will provide.

Some of the homeowners will be stuck as to whether they can install the Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) on a dedicated circuit. This is because there is already existing wiring and if it does not meet the current code requirements, then you will be out suffering on the installation. The new requirements that have been made will ensure that new construction or any remodeling jobs where the bathroom footprint and wiring need to be expanded are always done in a qualified manner.

This is what happens when you get a professional electrician doing some work on your bathroom, then he or she should be aware of what kind of connections are there. At the same time, he or she can tell which kind of upgrades will be necessary for upgrading and when the existing wires need to remain just the way they are. Some people might decide to do the wiring themselves, which is a bad idea about you can try it anyway. What you will need to do is to first consult your local building inspection office so that you are guided on what is to be done.

Does a bathroom GFCI need to be on a dedicated circuit?

This is one simple answer if you will have to understand how it is done and connected. What you need to know first is the availability of power in the switch box. In some older versions, no neutral wire is put at the switch, hence there is no power for the receptacle at the box. You can go ahead and add your GFCI to a dedicated circuit with the use of the 20-amp receptacle circuit. You need an expert to ensure that things and connections are done well.

The number of circuits that are in the bathroom.

A bathroom might look like a small space that only need a small space that only needs a circuit extension so that it works in a better manner than an adjoining room. But something that needs to know is that the NEC will require that every room just uses at least 2 dedicated circuits for each of the bathrooms. Here is what you need to know about circuits,

  • You are advised to use a 20-amp receptacle kind of circuit to handle the plug-in appliances. With the receptacle, they all need to be AFCI and GFCI protected. You can either use circuit breakers or use individual receptacles that will offer you the AFCI and GFCI protection abilities.
  • Don’t mix things up. Ensure that light fixtures together with wall switches should be placed on a different circuit. You can decide to use the 15-amp circuit but the 20-amp circuit works best especially when you realize that you have a heat lamp included in your connections or your bathroom.
  • If you have a whirlpool tub, you also need a separate circuit. This also applies to the availability of any large item that you might feel the need to use in the bathroom.

With circuit breakers, it is good that their dedications just remain serving the bathrooms and not mixing them with other rooms. It all depends on how your local jurisdiction has its laws put. Always be there to consult them or even find out how that should be done, in case you need to have the rooms interconnected.


There is always one able to have at least one lighting in the bedroom. This fixture can be wall-mounted just above the mirror or by using a pair of wall scones to mount it on the sides of the mirror. You cannot evade any kind of lighting in a bedroom because it is one of the prominent items that you will just need to have. Don’t get mesmerized when you find 3 lighting sources because they will all ensure that your bathroom is one of a kind. You can have ceiling lighting, and vanity lighting well installed, and then the 3rd light integrated into the shower or vent fan. If the light is put in the shower stall, ensure to use a waterproof lens so that your hands and bulb are well protected.

What kind of outlet receptacles are you required to have?

An outlet receptacle that can be used in a bathroom should be one that is GFCI-protected. But it also needs to be served by the 20-amp circuit. That’s is just the minimum that you can use but most times, bathrooms can have up to 2 receptacles. With others having up to 4 or even 5.

Receptacles are not just bought because they are out there, you will need to have the best of the best at all. You also need to ensure that you have the correct kind of measurements in place. You need to ensure that the receptacle is at least 6 feet away from the edge of the bathtub. When in the shower, it should be at least 1 foot away from the sink.

One thing that I have to remind you is to avoid placing replaceable at any one point at the center of the sink. This is because chords and hairdryers might hang down into the basin. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you will find that it will be necessary to add a general outlet near the door so that you can plug in a vacuum cleaner when you will need to use it. Some have incorporated a table into their bathroom. That will be a great place that they can use to place a socket.

Installation of the exhaust fan.

You can also go ahead and have a fan installed in your bathroom. The electric fan is vital as it will allow better air circulation and removal of the moist air from the bathroom. The installation of fans should be done right because they are calculated by the use of CFM, cubic feet per minute. Knowing how it works will allow you to decide where you will need to have it installed better with the circuits.

Any type of connection that should be done in a bathroom should always be done carefully at all times. This is because this is a place that will be having water and if something goes wrong, then you can be sure that there will be some problems that you will encounter.

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