Can kitchen chimney run on the inverter?

From time immemorial, a chimney has always been part of the kitchen because it is always able to suck up and take the smoke out of the kitchen. So when you want to think of the kitchen then the one obvious thing that you will need to think of will be a chimney. Other than smoke, the chimney can suck out the oily and smoky particles that are released during the cooking process. That means that the home will be free from any form of pollution. That is why some people will always refer to it as the heart of the kitchen. It controls the air in the kitchen.

Most people need an alternative to the use of electricity and that’s where you will find inverters. At any one point, you will realize that there are 2 conditions that you will need to apply or fulfill. The first thing that you will have to ensure is that your inverter should be able to supply 280w of power or more. This will ensure the chimney works with a comfortable power supply. The second thing that you will have to ensure therefore is that your chimney should not consume more than 260w.

This power rating will ensure that the chimney runs comfortably without straining the inverter. The simple rule that you can deal with is that no load should be put on the inverter that exceeds the load handling of the inverter. To add to that, the current delivering capacity of a battery that the inverter uses is not supposed to exceed the total current that is required to be used by the load. If you got the answer above, then you can be sure that you will enjoy an interrupted kind of cooking.

The amount of electricity that is consumed by a kitchen chimney.

kitchen chimney electricity consumption

Chimneys in the kitchen do not run on high electricity consumption. Most of them run on an average of 250w of power. That is because they have also been installed with a 250w motor. They have also been designed with a light indicator in the chimney. This light is not that high consumer. The minimal electric power that it consumes makes it work better and also energy efficient.

One thing that we found out is that power consumption will also vary from one model to another because they always differ from one manufacturer to another. That’s why it is always recommended that you need to check that with the vendor that you will be buying from.

Kitchen Chimney Design

kitchen chimney design

You will be your boss when it comes to kitchen designs. The market today brings lots of designs for you to choose from. Now when you need a chimney, the basic thing that you can do is to first look at the design of your kitchen. From that, you will be able to choose what you will need. Here are the chimneys that you will encounter.

  • The curved glass type of chimneys: This design is most popular among users because it does not make lots of noise. It has been made with separate indoor and outdoor units. The best to be used in either a small kitchen or a larger kitchen.
  • Angular type of chimneys: Those that love the Indian style of cooking, will find this the best type of chimney to use. This is because it can excel in more grease and smoke. They have been designed to provide a stylish look to the kitchen. They have been designed with high suction power. Their high efficient use also makes them the best.
  • The pyramid chimneys: Compared to others, these have been designed with an integrated baffle filter. They don’t need much of any type of maintenance. Their best advantage is that they also consume less power.
  • The straight-line type of chimney: This has been designed specifically to fit onto smaller spaces and also be able to provide the best flawless type of operation. The small size that it has been made with makes them hardly visible or even noticeable. They are superb as they can remove smoke from all over the kitchen. You can also go a mile further to install cabinets on top of these chimneys. Maintaining them is also easy as they come with removable filters for ease of cleaning.
  • Box chimneys. Made of high glass and steel: They have been designed with led focus lighting that will also ensure there is proper illumination. They are also referred to as ceiling mount chimneys.

Which chimney is best with a filter or filterless?

kitchen chimney filter

Filterless Chimney:

Technology is advancing every day and the technology that is used in the chimney also advances too. As times change, the filterless chimney is coming of age and it is going to be the next generation of the auto-clean chimney that can remove oil particles without the need of using a filter. The chimneys will be made of a vertical multi-blade fan that collects oil. Where there is rotation, centrifugal forces will rule and the air will be sprayed over the anti-stick walls of the chimney. When there is heating, the oil will then be collected in the oil collector. A filterless chimney always requires less maintenance and is more durable as compared with a filtered chimney. At any one point when you go to buy such chimneys and come across the filterless one, always give it a priority.

Filtered Chimneys:

When you look at the filtered chimneys, you will find them having an exhaust fan with a filter above them. Among the many, the most common is the baffle filter, you will find the oil grease, and fumes getting stuck into the chimney as they pass through the filter. The filter can collect oil for the fumes and store it away in the oil collector. After some use, you can open the oil collector, remove the oil or clean the place before placing it back for use.

As compared with its counterpart, you will need to regularly clean the chimney, otherwise, it will be clogged and hence reduce the suction power of the machine. You can go a step further and buy an auto-clean filtered chimney that can clean itself with the press of a button. Its cleaning will still be there but not as compared to the ordinary ones.

kitchen chimney

We all want to run low when it comes to electricity bills. No one wants to spend more. With the emergency of renewable energy, we can go a step further to enjoy the use of sunlight. The introduction of inverters and batteries and then solar power means that you can have electricity at your home at any one point in time. Running various appliances will there depend on what is your energy ability from the solar. As discussed, solar power with converters can work for you. Get the right inverter and the right kitchen, have them installed and enjoy your life in the kitchen like never before.

Final Words:

It is always to have a chimney in the kitchen because it will ensure that your kitchen is both clean and also smoke-free. Previously, people thought that a kitchen chimney is just a luxurious thing. As you have seen, things have turned the other way round, instead of it being a luxury thing, it has now become a necessity. When buying a chimney, know your kitchen size so that you can make the right choice and the right order. Look at the suction ability or power. The ones that come with a higher suction mean that you will get better cleaning and purification of the kitchen. The downside of it is that you will be able to get it to make more noise and also will have to consume more power.

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