Can You Sleep On An Air Mattress Permanently?

You are not going to have it nice if you don’t know what an air mattress is. Now, let me bring you up to speed on what it is. This is a mattress that has been designed from plastic, vinyl, or even rubber. These materials are used to hold up the air so that they bulge out to make one better mattress that does not have any foam on it. When it is deflated, the mattress can be rolled neatly so that it is stored away. They are the best when it comes to handling visitors or when you are planning to go camping.

These mattresses are inflated by either use of the mouth, hand, or the use of an electric pump. But some mattresses have been made with high-end features that inflate by themselves. The use of high technology on mattresses is employed in mattresses that need nightly use.

For those that are wondering if they can sleep on an air mattress permanently, I will take you through the dos and don’ts that you need to know when you are using an air mattress. Now, air mattresses are always the best when you want to use them for a short duration of time, like a picnic out there or when you are having some visitors around in your home. But for long-term usage, it might not be the best choice for you.

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Here are some of the risks that you will encounter with the use of an air mattress.

1. It’s hard to regulate your body temperature.

Body temperatures always change as you get to sleep and for you to get a better sleeping time and ability, having a warmer body temperature is always what’s needed. Now, you are going to find it difficult to accomplish that with an air mattress. You will realize that the material that is used to make this mattress like vinyl cannot breathe well.

This is why it is hard for you to disperse the heat that your body generates throughout the night. What happens is that the air that has been trapped inside the mattress will facilitate the exchange of this warmth and instead of maintaining it, transfers it to the outside environment. When the night is hot, then it means that you will have a hard time sleeping as the night will be sweaty and hot.

When winters come, the reverse is true. The air inside will take on the cold air from the outside and thus will leave you feeling cold. To combat this problem, you will need to ensure that you have enough barriers between you and the mattress.

2. Not able to give you the best body support.

As compared to the other kind of mattresses, the type of support that an air mattress will give you is not well known. One thing that you will not suffer from is sleeping on it once in a while. But when you use it for long, then you can be sure of suffering from back pain and also stiffness. Your spine always needs adequate support so that it does not fall out of alignment which will bring restorative sleep. Always make sure that you get a night of better sleep from time to time with a better mattress, and avoid spinal problems that might emanate from bad sleeping habits.

3. Hard to maintain.

The normal mattress is always easy to maintain. For instance, you just need to flip it over so that it gets that normal wear and tear. You will not be able to achieve this with the use of an air mattress, at all times, you will have to ensure that those holes, as little as they might be or look, are always patched up quickly. They also lose air and flatten over time and will need refilling. Maintaining them hence becomes a harder thing to do than their counterparts.

4. The type of comfort level that they provide is also not the best.

As you have seen above, the type of comfort will not be easily achieved with them. That’s why you will find yourself battling with that urge of falling asleep from time to time. Even if you get some sleep, you might not be able to get the best that you desire. Contouring support that is highly needed will not be there and also pressure relief not be achieved. It’s one of the things that will make you have a bad day the next day that you wake up.

5. Discomfort sleeping with a partner.

If sleeping alone is a problem, what will happen when you are sleeping with the two of you? What you will get is lots of motion transfer that will be gotten and it’s not inevitable. Any one time that either of you will move will create a jolting point for the other partner. That means that your sleep will be interfered with, especially those that are light sleepers.

Some of the things that you are required to do to make it at least comfortable.

  • You are supposed to ensure that it is inflated regularly. This will entail you checking your bed for any sagging effect so that you can inflate it. You can make a small timetable to at least check it on the 2nd or 2nd day after inflation has been done.
  • You can add a mattress topper. This is going to create that barrier between you and the mattress to at least prevent cold air and warm air from disturbing you around. The extra layer of cushioning and the support that you need will at least be achieved slightly. At this point, you have no option but to choose one with the best results.
  • You should have a headboard. Headboards are good as they ensure that cushions are kept in place when they are in the room. They also ensure that you can get something to lean on at least when you are sleeping at night. For better use, the headboard works better when it’s positioned against the wall.

One of the key points that you will have to note is that regardless of the quality of the matters that you want to buy, check on the manufacturer’s warranty. This is by far important as it will protect you from wasting your money at all times. In case of anything dangerous, you will at least have a place where you can return it and get a different one.

Final Words:

I am not saying that air mattresses are bad for users, but they are not the best at all when you want to shift it with the other kinds of mattresses and use them for long durations. When it is serving you with short-term durations, there is no need to worry because finally, you will get back to your normal bed with its mattress. The demerits of using them for a long time are much more than what you think you will have been using for those short periods. That’s why you will be left to make that wonderful and decisive choice of what you need to have at your home.

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