Can you use toilet bowl cleaner on other surfaces?

Toilet bowl cleaners come in various styles whereby each of them will require a varying level of effort needed from your part. What you have to understand is that you will find both traditional cleaners which are liquids or gels that you can use to apply them to the bowl and then scrub it with the toilet brush. Other than that, you will also find toilet wands that come with disposable cleaning heads hence eliminating the need of using a brush. For hands-free cleaning power, there are pods or discs that will work every time you flush water.

This might not be possible at all times with the kind of surface that you want to clean. The major reason is that toilet bowl cleaners have been designed with harsh ingredients, for instance, bleach. Bleach only comes to service when you are trying to remove the tough stains and also when you want to kill bacteria. When you have pets and kids around, then you will realize that it is not going to be useful to you. The chemicals are very dangerous and won’t be friendly to the young ones. For such a reason, you can consider the use of an all-natural cleaner.

Some people will also prefer to use toilet cleaners as an easy substitute when you want to clean some surfaces like sinks and showers. These places might be having tough stains and it’s all preferable that they are cleaned with care and caution. But remember that toilet cleaners will also not work when you have porcelain toilet bowls and porcelain tiles. But when you use to clean showers, toilet bowl cleaners should be used with the least quantity. This is because of its toxic nature.

But remember that it is not a must for you to use it in the shower because of the following reason.

bathroom cleaner
  • Your feet will be having direct contact with the floor when you take a shower. When the cleaner is used, then expect to have some problems with your feet as you step into the shower.
  • The use of hydrochloric acid in the bathtub will also attack the chrome plating. This will include the sink drain and anything that is featured at the bottom of the shower.
  • When used in large areas, they are delicate even to be inhaled. This is because the fumes will accumulate in the air very fast and when inhaled, might cause some breathing problems.

Some of the key ingredients used in these cleaners.

toilet bowl cleaner ingredients
  • In the traditional cleaners, you will find them containing potent and stain-lifting chemicals. These include ammonia, bleach, and ammonium chloride. As you have seen above, they can irritate the eyes, skin, and air quality.
  • For the green cleaners, they are made with ingredients that are sourced from nature such as lactic acid, essential oils, and glucoside among others
  • For germ-killing cleaners, they are always available in both the traditional and also green varieties. They also contain antibacterial ingredients that are able to kill germs in the bathroom.

The active ingredients that are found in toilet bowl cleaners are basically 2.

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Bleach

Bleach as an ingredient is used for whitening purposes. They are also useful in killing properties and that will attract users but that’s not what will be useful in floor surfaces. When bleach is ingested, it can be very harmful and when inhaled, becomes dangerous. This is the main reason why they will not be very useful. Be always cautious with bleaching agents.

Hydrochloric acid is basically used to remove stains and also create that sparkling glow after use. But on the other side, the acid that is used there is one that is extremely corrosive hence its handling should be cautious. It gets direct to the skin, then you can be sure of the burns that will be caused. When it will be inhaled, then it can also cause damage to both lungs and also the eyes.

Some of the alternatives that you can use.

toilet bowl cleaner alternative
  • Use baking soda and vinegar: This is a mix that will clean shower doors and also remove any soap scum from the shower material. When you use vinegar, you will realize that it is a weak acid but has the power to disinfect just like what the strong ones do. But it is always advisable that you don’t leave it standing on the floor for a very long time because it can also damage the floors. When you mix vinegar, ensure that you have it in a ratio of 1-to-1 with water. When you use it, use a mop to wipe down the floor. After that, always clean or wipe the floor with clean water and wipe it dry immediately.
  • Use of an all-purpose cleaner: This will ensure that germs and bacteria that build over time will be removed.
  • Hard water stain remover: This is able to handle the removal of water spots, mildew, rust, and also a mold. It has been made with a powerful formula that uses a non-chemical compound that does not contain harmful compounds. It is a great shower remover and much safer than the over-counter brands that you get.
  • Use of Bio-clean: This has been shaped to ensure that the toughest corners of the bathtub will be well taken care of. Putting it down is easy and you only need to scrub it with the bathroom scrubber. That means that your hands will be completely free, and your knees and feet will not come into contact with the cleaner.

What do you need to consider when choosing your cleaner?

It will depend on what you want to clean or where you want to clean it. We are going to sample the major cleaning places and what you will use as an alternative as compared to the use of toilet bowl cleaners.

When you want to clean a bathroom, you can use the following.

  • Multipurpose cleaners. These can be used on a wide range of bathroom surfaces because they have been made to handle them all. Other than being versatile, you will realize that it is going to be budget-friendly. This is because you will be required to buy one cleaner and they can be used in the entire room.
  • You can also opt to use dedicated cleaners. Unlike the above type of cleaners, these ones are made to be used on specific surfaces. That means that when you use them elsewhere, they might turn out to be dangerous. For instance, they can damage, tarnish, or corrode the surface material. When you want to deeply clean target areas, then this one becomes the best choice.

When we get down further and become specific, you will be urged to do the following.

toilet bowl cleaner chemicals
  • If you need cleaners for the toilets, then bathroom cleaners must be labeled as safe for use, otherwise, your porcelain will be damaged pretty fast.
  • When you want to clean mirrors, products that you buy should be the ones that are able to clean mirrors only, not the ones that clean floors.
  • For countertops, the cleaners that you are going to use should be safe on the laminate that you will use, the natural stone, engineered stone, or even the ceramic tiles.
  • Any cleaner that will be used on sinks should be compatible with the materials that are used to make such basins and faucets.
  • For showers and tubs, you need to select cleansers that are safe for use on ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural stone, and also on vinyl.

One thing that you will have to know is that almost all toilet bowl cleaners contain a disinfectant. That’s why people always thought that it is a safer way to use it to clean the floors. As we have seen, you will find that many toilet cleaners are going to be harsh on your foot. To add wrong into that, you will find that they seriously damage the finish that your toilet has been made with very badly.


Toilet bowl cleaners are better used to clean toilet bowls. Using them outside that place means bringing lots of problems to you that might be dangerous. Be cautious in every step that you do use them because they are bleaching agents.

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