does bedroom need a window

Does a bedroom need a window?

A home will not be complete if the place where you rest is not going to be constructed well. You will then realize that this is a space that needs to be defined pretty well. One of the major reasons why we need to have a bedroom is because a bedroom will increase the value of a home and also a well-made one also promotes safety.

Many people are always worried if they can have a window in their bedroom. For you to consider a room as a bedroom, then it needs to at least have one window on it. This window is the one that will ensure that there is proper air circulation and also promotes better lighting ability. The size of the widow will now matter greatly depending on where you live. Many reasons will be considered for a room to be legally considered as a bedroom. Some of them are as follows:

  • It must have sufficient space. This is important to avoid jamming items up to a place where you sleep. The best room is said to be at least 70 square feet, with a ceiling rated to be also at least 70 feet high. That will also give room for most people to stand in an upright position.
  • It must have some means of egress. This is an accessory exit point that can access all doors. This is vital for use in case there is a fire breakout and you cannot move around with ease.
  • The best temperature control. It is always good to have a dedicated heat source but not the use of an air conditioner. This heat source should be installed in the room so that you always get to balance your heat when cold strikes.

Pros and cons of a bedroom with a window :

bedroom with windows


  • They allow in natural light easily. When you have more light to the room, then it means that you will have a more and spacious look. This turns it out to be very useful.
  • Windows ensure that you get the best kind of ambiance. With a window, you can be sure that the kind of atmosphere that you will be in will look wonderful. The room will feel cheerful. When night comes, it also becomes a room with a romantic and serene mood always.
  • Windows will provide you with various decoration options for your room. You can treat your windows your style and make so that you can add on to the beauty of the house. You decide to mix the long and short curtains in style, install window panes of the best sizes for your make among others.
  • Windows also provide the best type of ventilation. You will never miss noticing the kind of climate that you will be dealing with when the day is beautiful outside. You can enjoy these right from your bed without having to go all the way to the outside grounds.
  • Windows can also provide you with passive heat from the solar. This especially when you have large windows and how they year positioned, you can be sure that the kind of solar that you will get will be guaranteed to promote you greatly. This is one great step towards being energy efficient.
  • They will also work great when it comes to adding color to the room. it doesn't matter where your bedroom windows are overlooking. either the sea or the forest or some other places they will always be there to add color to your space.


  • They are expensive. a bedroom with windows means that your pocket must be ready to spend some more money so that you can get the best thing that you need or you want.

Pros and cons of a bedroom with a window :

You will realize that there are no major benefits that are many that will make a windowless bedroom better. What you will get is just a tip of it like what you will see below,

bedroom without windows

Pros :

  • They are sold at a rate that is discounted. For those that will want to buy a house that has no bedroom window, then you can be sure that you will get it at a low discounted rate.
  • It provides efficiency when it comes to space usage. When you don’t have sufficient space, then having a room without windows will work out better. Sometimes you can use such rooms as guest rooms.
  • They are termed to be more energy efficient. When windows become old, you can be sure that they become less energy efficient. This is because they will allow warm or cool to escape from the home. When your bedroom is windowless, you will not have the stress of buying windows to replace the old ones.

Cons :

  • It becomes hard to sell a house in such a manner. When you encounter such a room that has no windows and you want to sell, for buyers it might be an advantage but for you as a seller, you need to be prepared to sell at a lower cost.
  • Bringing light into the room needs you to be more creative. Natural light is very important in our lives and regularly being exposed to it is even more advantageous. Windowless bedrooms won’t have that and you will need to be always outside so that you get that light.
  • It’s not safe at all. In case of any danger within, you will realize that it will be very hard to get to control it at all, for example, smoke. It might cause more havoc and harm than expected.

To get the truth of the matter is that these are not the best rooms that you can use for your daily sleeping. If you get one, then it might be a temporary one that will not be in use daily. It can be used maybe for visitors.

Does a skylight count as a bedroom window?

skylight in bedroom

Skylights have come a long way and when you have them installed in your room, then you can be sure that they are going to be the best source of light for your use. A skylight is also one of the egress routes that you can have in your bedroom. That is why it will also serve as a window in cases where escape is needed when there is some danger in the house or the bedroom. This is a good exit, especially in the upper part. 

Other than it also brings off enough light to your room where you need it most. That means that you will be having less energy consumption unlike when you will be in a room that is dark that will need you to have lights on all the time. 

Many details have to be considered for a room to be a bedroom. If you are a home buyer or a home seller, then it will be vital that you know them all so that you avoid the misunderstandings that might arise. A home is a place where you need to have total comfort of peace and also mind. The more bedrooms a home has, then the higher the price of that house as compared to ones that have fewer bedrooms.

Some features that are related to size and egress for a bedroom :

  • Square footage. The size of a bedroom will always matter a lot. They are not only used to fit the kind of bed that you have, as most people do but it is the most top priority that you need to have all together. Find out from your state about the legal requirements that are needed to accomplish that.
  • The horizontal footage. This is also accompanied by the size of the room. The minimum bedroom should at least measure 7 feet in any horizontal direction.
  • It must also have a means of egress as talked about earlier. And there must be at least 2 of them.
  • Ceiling height. This should be at least 7 feet tall. That will allow any ordinary human being to walk around freely.
  • Window size also should be looked at. The minimum size should be 5.7 square feet.

These are just a few of the things that need to consider for you to have a bedroom that is rated good. Don’t just ignore windows in your bedroom because as we have seen, they are a source of our well being and in our life, a source of security.

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