10 Easy Steps to Eradicate Bed Bugs Effectively

10 Easy Steps to Eradicate Bed Bugs Effectively

No one will ever want to come across bedbugs because of the kind of nuisance they bring along with them. They are so small, in fact, even smaller than a pencil eraser. One thing that you have never known about them is that they are smart and also very touch. There reproduction and multiplication are so quick. They know places that they can hide so that they are not detected with ease. In one meal, the bugs can live for months and females can even lay up to 500 eggs in her entire life. If you allow them to take control, then be sure that they can wreak havoc in your home. The good news about all this is that you can take charge and eradicate a Bed Bug Infestation. Here are a few easy steps to eradicate bed bugs effectively from your home.

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1. You need to identify all the places that have been infested.

Bedbugs need to be located earlier before they take control and start reproduction. When you do that, then it means that you will find it much easier and cheaper to treat than dealing with a large area. But again small infested areas are hard to detect. All in all, you need to search for the bedbugs yourself or use professionals to inspect by the use of dogs that are trained to sniff them out. You can also use a torch and a magnifying lens to spot them out.

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2. You need now to ensure that the infestation is contained.

One great thing that you might have done is knowing that you have bedbugs. Now, you will have to ensure that you contain them all as you plan to get rid of them. The best way that you can use is a vacuum because it is quick and also easy. What you need to do is to run the vacuum over any place that you might think is a hiding place.

3. You can now prepare to treat the bedbugs.

You just don’t treat a home, you need to do some prep work so that you can maximize the odds of success. The basic thing that you need to do is to ensure that all your linen, carpet, drapes, and any other hiding places have been thrown out. The bedbug hiding places that you think that you might come across should also be removed, like books magazines, and other things.

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4. It is time to kill the bedbugs.

The best way that you can do is to remove the bedbugs without the use of chemicals. For instance, you can decide to use high heat and kill them, or intense cold if you can manage that. With hot water, you can wash bedding and clothes in hot water for around 30 minutes, on the mattress, and in other places, you can use a steamer. Bulk items should be packed and be left outside on a hot day or even in a closed car. Once you clean the places, the next thing is to make the area inhospitable.

5. Use of non-chemical and chemical treatments.

When you want to use this method, you can opt-in using insecticides as they are one of the surest ways to kill bedbugs. All the products that you will use should be EPA registered ad marked to deal with bedbugs.

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6. It is time for you to monitor the affected areas.

It’s not easy to wipe out bedbugs and that’s why you don’t trust their death too soon. You must prove that they have been killed all and have moved out. You need to check on the infested area after every 7 days and check any signs of ay activity. You can even put bedbug interceptors under each leg of your bed and they will trap any bedbug that will try climbing into your bed.

7. There might occur a retreat.

Bedbugs might retreat and come back again. If you spot them, you will now need to change your tactic and use different treatment methods. These might mean that your initial one might not have worked well for them or they might have resisted.

8. If things don’t work out, get the professionals to handle the work.

You will reach this point when you have tried all the avenues and techniques and they all fail. Contact companies that have pest control abilities like the use of powerful chemicals to wipe them out. The companies come with special equipment that you might not have to clean up your home.

9. Ensure that you keep the bedbugs out.

There are high chances of bedbugs coming back to your home. That’s why it’s good to make sure they have gone for good. You need to ensure that any clutter around is cleaned, mattresses covered, vacuum and also wash your bedding regularly cracks around light sockets or anywhere in the house to be sealed among many other things.

10. Take caution to places you visit.

Some places might be having bedbugs and when you visit them, then high chances of transporting them back home are evident. Always be on the alert when you feel a bite while sited in any place. This way, you will be able to prevent carrying them home with you. If you encounter such a problem, take a shower when you arrive home before getting in, your clothes should also be soaked to be washed immediately.

As you have seen, these creatures are smart and can even become resistant to various treatments over time. That said, you must ensure that they don’t take refuge in your home as they bring lots of disturbance as you sleep. Ensure proper cleanliness of your residence at all times.

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