3 Easy Furniture Repair Tips That You Can Try at Home

When you own a home, there are always some challenges that come with it to ensure that it is always kept up to standard in the way that you need or want. With furniture, you always need to be handy to make sure that there is nothing that will spoil that you always need to use at all times. There are many tricks that you need to use but the basic furniture repair ways are by the use of the following means.

1. The addition of Epoxy into loose joints will be a great savior:

When you have loose joints like in a chair and there is no need of getting the chair part, you can save it from destruction by the use of epoxy. This technique is advanced and will bring your furniture into its original state. Just use a syringe and add it. Once the epoxy is mixed it becomes too thick and makes it difficult to push through the syringe. But you need to use epoxy that is used on fiberglass and has the right consistency.

Before you get to inject the glue, you are advised to drill 1/8-inch holes in a place that is inconspicuous with the dowels. It is also advised that you aim at the cavity that is in each piece of furniture. The rest of the work will be easy to accomplish. You will now insert the syringe into the hole and then inject the epoxy until it runs out. After that, just push the joint together and wipe off the excess epoxy. Finding epoxy is never a hard task for you to get and is always in packets that you can afford. After you find one that will be enough to handle your repairs, just tear the top and squeeze it into your syringe.

2. You can shim a hinge:

Hinges always wear out with time and need to be fixed and even fastened. You don’t have to plan to change the whole door or any kind of furniture that has hinges. For instance, if your door does not align well with the catch, placing a shim behind each of the hinges will be a great job for you, and the problem you have will be solved once and for all. Depending on the type of hinge that you will use, it will ensure that the upper or lower half of the door is kicked out.

You don’t have to worry about where to get the shims, just use one or more of the playing cards that you don’t need anymore. Repairing is simple, you will first need to remove the door carefully so that you don’t spoil the nuts as you will be required also to return them to the door. After removing it, cut the cards so that they can fit into the recess of the hinge. Take the cards that you have cut to shape, place each one of them into place, and punch screw holes into them by use of an awl or a small screwdriver. Most of the work is done. You can now place back the door and remount the hinges by use of the original screws. You will have a strong door like it was originally.

3. Fixing loose legs:

You might not be in the house at all times to take care of your furniture. At one point, people might decide to drag the furniture instead of lifting it. That way, they will have put enormous pressure on the leg hence making it fall off. The more dangerous part is when someone decides to drive a few screws into the broken leg. That will instead aggravate the issue more. It splits the wood and thus makes your repair not up to standard at all.

The right way to do that is to stand the piece of the leg that faces the furniture, then use wood paste and glue. This will form a strong bond. Remember that you are supposed to clamp the leg solidly. Have a pre-drill that will also keep the wood from splitting and then fasten the leg with the use of screws that have no less than a 2-inch bite. The screws will need to be countersinking and the openings filled with wood filler. Sand the place and your furniture are back to use.

As you have seen, the repair is all by use of tricks and the right repair methods, if you don’t manage using that, then you can be sure that you get to waste your time and money. Use the right methods and all shall be well with you. You will have your furniture back to life and serve you once again.

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