how close can a bedroom be to a furnace

How close can a bedroom be to a furnace?

When it is wintertime, you can agree with me that bedrooms and any other room in the house will tend to be cold. During this time, you will encounter howling winds and whipping storms that will make the most bundled person get cold. It is always logical that this is the reason that will make many people think of putting a furnace in the bedroom. Even before you go far, you always need to think of safety because this is what will always matter most.

A furnace is not something that you need to even think of as one of the things that you should have in a bedroom. This is because it can emit toxic substances and fumes which are never a healthy part of the human being. It is good that you know that furnaces are built to heat the entire house. When you enclose it in a small room, then it is not going to be able to work best as it was supposed to work in the entire house. Before you even think of having a furnace in your bedroom, you need to also know how they work.

The first thing that you need to know about is that there are always 2 kinds of furnaces, those that operate by use of gas or propane. When the furnace is put on, then it goes through a cycle as follows:

  • The gas or the propane is ignited in the burner
  • After that, the flames are the one that will heat the metal heat exchanger and then get exhausted out of the flu.
  • The next process will allow the heat exchanger to transfer its heat to the air that comes in
  • The furnace blower takes up and forces the air that has been heated to the ductwork. After that, it then distributes it to the entire home.
  • The warmer air then takes its course to fill the room. The colder denser air is then drawn back into the furnace through the return ducts.
  • The process goes on and on and on.

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So when you are thinking of having a furnace in a room, then you can be sure that it is a bad idea. The main component found in these machines is the burners. When heat is generated from the burning of the gas or propane, hot air is the one that is the product. Now, what do you know about these two, gas or propane? They are the ones that are responsible for the production of toxic fumes.

That said then, you are sure that the dangers will lie in the fumes that are produced. When the fumes are emitted and you are sleeping with all windows and doors closed, you can be sure that you might never even wake up to see light again.

Another danger that you will be facing is an eruption of fire. This can be brought by when there is a malfunction in the heating process. When that will occur, then you are at risk of losing your clothes, jewelry, any other personal belongings and even burning down the house. Why do you need to be at such a point in life? It is always recommended that the best place that you can put a furnace is at a basement place where when fire or a malfunction is detected, then the carbon monoxide detector will be there to handle it without any problem.

The amount of space that your furnace will need to work well.

For the natural gas furnaces, you will realize that they need enough space and also airflow so that they can run well. When there is not enough room where you have put it, then you can be sure of it overheating. And when things get worse, it will even be hard for professionals to conduct any kind of repair. The equipment should also be regularly checked and inspected for any leaks and any problems because it might be a source of death to the entire house.

If you are doing the installation, then you need to ensure that the heater is placed inches away from the furnaces room. The major reason to do that is to allow professionals to do a quick check on it from time to time.

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Tips for keeping your furnace room safe.

  • Ensure the room is ventilated and has enough space. One thing that we know is that furnaces are always powered by electricity or fuels. That’s why there is always a need to have proper space to ensure better ventilation. The flows and the entire area around the equipment should be kept free of any kind of debris. There should be no boxes or suitcases around the vents or air intakes. No filters or used furnace parts left lying around.
  • Ensure that the room does not have some things that might be hazardous. Things like kitty litter should never be near the furnace. The ammonia fumes that are got from the litter can go an extra mile to corrode the furnace heat exchanger. The odors can go further to circulate the home. Cleaning and laundry products should also be kept away.
  • Ensure that your safety is first at all times. This is promoted by you ensuring that there are no combustibles in the room. The room should be clean at all times. Dust and debris should never have a place to stay in the room.
  • Always ensure that you vacuum and clean around the furnace and the water heater tank. This is important as it will prevent the buildup of dust. Don’t even think of hanging laundry and anything like a cloth line in that room. This can be a major source of fire if things don’t work out well as planned.
  • You also need to ensure that there is enough lighting around. In case of any emergency, you can be sure of getting to the root cause of the problem much quicker. In the darkness, that worsens the situation further.
  • Filters should be replaced regularly to void the jamming of dust and the gas or oil. To make sure that you can remember this at all times, then you will need to have reminders with you everywhere, even have one set on your smartphone.
  • If you hear funny noises like popping or rattling, then you need to call the reliance professionals right away.

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Some of the things that you need to know about a furnace.

  • Size matters. Ensure that you purchase and install the right kind of furnace that will serve your home. It is not always true that size matters. What matters is your living space.
  • It’s always a puzzle to have it done and installed. It is not an easing thing that you will manage to do. This is because you will have to ensure that different kinds of hoses and connectors go to the right place to avoid leakages. Things will need to be done the right way and right manner.
  • You need to have a good foundation to have it installed. They are never put directly on the floor because that is one wrong move. Use rubber pads to have them placed on them so that they can minimize the kind of noise that they will make.
  • Proper sealing to be done. It is not always right to think that when everything is tight it means that you are ready to go or use it. With a furnace, it does not need air to escape even a dot of it. So the use of metal foil tape or duct sealant will be the best to think of using.

It is now evident that in a bedroom, this will not work out for you. The dangers that will be brought along are much devastating that you can think of. That’s why it is always important to have it installed in any other place so that it can take care of warming the entire house, with proper installation.

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