how to clean your home with natural products

How to clean your home with natural products?

If you own a home and you need to have it clean at all times, you can bear me witness that buying them out there in the shop will cost you a fortune. There is a lot that money needs to do and you need to be very creative so that you can cut down costs. So, rather than finishing your money on buying cleaning household items, you can decide to use a few items that you have there at home to create the best cleaning solutions.

How to make homemade floor cleaning solution?

how to clean floors with natural products

Work will be made simple for you if you are cleaning the floor. What you need to have is castile soap, hot water, and then a few drops of essential oil. When these are combined, you can be sure that your hardwood tile floor is going to have a perfect look. Use a microfiber mop and your floor will just need to be cleaned twice a week.

Removing stains.

stain removal natural product

Having kids and dogs in the house means that you need to be extra careful with your hygiene. This s because they are all playful creatures. That’s why you need to have a stain remover sometimes. You can use a spirit of 100% hydrogen peroxide or even vinegar and stains will not have a place to rest at all.

To keep your carpet clean, use a carpet deodorizer.

natural stain remover for carpet

Dogs in the house might end up making the carpet just smell like dogs and that won’t be a good thing for you and even your visitors. At least, you need to have a baking soda to sprinkle on the carpet at least once or twice a month. You can also add it up with a few drops of essential oil and sprinkle them over the carpet. Give them some 30 minutes before you do vacuuming.

Window cleaners.

how to clean windows using natural products

Windows are an essential bath of a house ad they need to be always clean. What do you use to clean them? You need something that will make them clean at all times. It might sound weird but the use of toothpaste will help in ensuring that they are splatter clean.

What do you use in dusting?

The best option that you will have here is none other than a washable duster. This is because it dusts quickly and also dries quickly, ready for the next use. You can use the duster to clean everything, from fans all the way to air vents. You might need a spray cleaner and that will only need you to have castle soap in small quantities to add on it.

Sink and toilet cleaners.

how to clean a toilet using natural products

This is a place that you always are in love with, not because of your liking but because nature will always call you to visit them at all times. The use of simple vinegar mildew spray is the trick that you need to use. Scrub the powder over the surface and then rinse it off. When you are in the toilet section, you will be required to sprinkle the powder in the toilet bowl, give it some time to rest before you use a bowl brush to scrub it.

Safety point to note.

You need to combine or mix things that you are sure of not being harmful. Others like the mixing of ammonia-based cleaners and mixing them with chlorine bleach might be a signing of a death sentence. This is because the fumes that are produced are extremely dangerous. It’s good to read labels put on the products before using any.

When you look at these natural cleaning products, you can realize that they are just natural. The one thing that you need to take care of is that they are not supposed to be tricky, they don’t need to consume lots of your time and also not complicated. In less than five minutes, you should have something that you need to use.

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