5 Proven Tips To Extend the Life of an Old Mattress

How to extend the life of an old mattress?

Enter your text here…We all love to sleep in the best mattresses. As you get to sleep, you don’t need anything better than a better sleep. That’s why we all invest in having the best kind of mattresses. According to statistics, any average mattresses out there are rated to last as from 5 to 10 years or even more.

average lifespan of a mattress

But one thing that we all have to agree on is that how the mattress will be maintained will always determine how long it will serve you. If you want it to serve you for a longer time, then here are some ways that you need to consider to use.

1. Ensure that the mattress is supported well:

Supporting your mattress where it rests is one thing you can never miss to avoid, lest, it will start sagging off. You can use a sheet of plywood to make sure that the sagging area is well supported. Although many will find it a bit funny, when this kind of sheet is slid into your box spring mattress, it will help in rejuvenating it back to life once again. It is also recommended by DIY experts.

2. You also need to know when you will need to toss your mattress:

Sleeping should always be comfortable. When you wake up and feel sore, numb, or even stiff, this will be a clear sign that your mattress is undergoing some wear and tear process that needs to be controlled. The quality of the mattress that you have also matters a lot because it will depend on how long your mattress will serve you. If your mattress has a protective cover the better for you.

3. Your old mattress needs to be covered:

A mattress protector is vital for your old mattress as it will ensure that you keep dust and germs out of the way, and also prevent them from building up. The mattress covers have been made with small pores that prevent skin flakes and dust mites from entering. It also has a protective waterproof surface that will allow heat and moisture to escape. That way, the growth of mold will be put to check. Depending on the size of your pocket, you will get one depending on the quality that you want.

4. It is good to ensure that your old mattress is properly cleaned:

An old mattress is one that might have been used for quite some time. That is why it might be harboring fungi, dead skin, dust mites, and other types of bacteria. This kind of mattress is not suitable for your daily use because it can trigger some allergies. But if there is some regular maintenance, then you can be sure that the life of your mattress will be highly boosted. You need to vacuum your mattress a few times a year. Allow the vacuum to suck up the surface grime and leave the mattress looking nice and safe to use.

5. Turn your mattress or flip it:

Mattresses are 2 sided meaning that you need to sleep on either side at one point. So if you won a flippable mattress, then turning it over will surely ensure that the life of that mattress is extended. Unlike some mattresses that have been made to be used on one side, check on yours. If you find that it has a pillow on it, then it is not flappable. The ones that are flippable last longer than.

The above ways will always ensure that you get your old mattress back to life again. They also make sure that your hygiene as you sleep is well taken care of. Don’t throw out your mattress before you get to use it to the maximum. Always some good care of your mattress will ensure longevity. Before you go to the shop to get a new one, try them out.

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