How to make kitchen cabinets look glossy?

If we can always ensure that things are good in our homes, then being in the kitchen will always be a top priority. This is where all the affairs of the stomach are dealt with and made possible. Right from the cooking of food of various kinds to taking care of utensils among others. Many have always asked how we can ensure that such a place is never going to be out of place. How can those cabinets look glossy and become like new ones? All these among others are going to be dealt with right here.

The best way that you can be able to ensure that all that is achieved is to go step by step to ensure that nothing is left to mess you up. The first thing that you will need to do is to prepare that cabinet by ensuring that there are no food particles that are in that place. Check on the dirt that has been stuck in the exterior part. You need to be careful and also pay attention to the material that was used to make the cabinet and its condition.

If you have a wood surface that has signs of flaking, that means that you need to do some flaking or even a refinish job so that you can prevent any additional damage to the wood. Don’t just would like any other surface. I advise that you take a spray that will match the color of your wood. That will prevent it from looking out of place. There are also some ingredients that you can opt to utilize like oil mixed with water.

How do you deal with old and worn cabinets?

how do you deal with old and worn cabinets

If your old cabinets have been given a lacquer finish, you will realize that they will show uneven wear. This will happen especially to close places the sinks and even other water sources. These places have to mist and that is why they can easily cause flaking and also discoloration. Here you will need the services of a professional cabinet shop that will be able to sand down and also ensures that the topcoat is refinished well. It is advisable to adopt a conversion varnish so that you can have a transparent gloss finish.

How to deal with dirt and grease?

  • You need a microfiber garment to assist you to deal with removing cobwebs and grease.
  • You can also decide to adopt a soft brush or a duster put on a pole so that it can deal with hard-to-reach places with ease.
  • Take a clean garment and deep it into a basin of vegetable oil that is diluted with warm water.
  • Check out if the shampoo leaves any residue, if not, then rinsing it is not necessary.
  • The correct ratio of water and soap should be followed by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You can also try a mixture of vinegar and hot water in equal parts and then add 5 drops of olive so that you can cut down the greaser that will be encountered.
  • You need also to ensure that your cabinet is dusted regularly so that you can minimize grease and also water vapor accumulation.

Can you use powder cleansers to clean your cabinet?

Yes, you can try powder cleansers but it also depends on the cabinet materials that have been used to make it, and also the amount of buildup. You can start by the scrubbing cleaners like trisodium phosphate or powdered bathroom cleansers. For those that have plastic laminate, you will realize that it wipes better when you administer soapy water. If you encounter stubborn stains, you will be required to have a powder cleanser and then rinse it with a cloth. After doing your cleaning, you will need to finish off by buffing the surface with a dry rag or sprinkling it with baking soda.

Is it recommended to use polish and creams?

When you want to administer these items, you will be required to sponge your furniture dry with the spray or cream. You are also required to adopt a dry cloth. Don’t be in a rush because things might not work at some point or on some surfaces. Before wiping a larger area, you are required to first test a small area of the cabinet surface to see if it works. This is because some polishes are not friendly and might be a source of more problems than you had.

If you have stained wood, it is recommended that you apply wood polish that is free of any wax and silicon to make it look clean. eco-friendly products are easy to deal with on the other side because you are required to mix just ¼ cup of vinegar and administer a few drops of oil added with a flannel cloth. After the first round of cleaning, buff the surface with a second cloth.

Kitchen cabinets will work like grease magnets. As time goes by, it will always collect and create layers. This is because dust particles will be combined in the gunk and then form a nasty layer of some residue that is hard to remove. You might not even realize their presence more so if your cabinets are dark. Even though, it will reach a time when the doors will practically scream to have some cleaning done.

Some of the best cleaning ways that you can without dangerous chemicals.

  • Cleaning should start with the use of hot water and also dish soap. Most dish soaps have been designed with degreaser but they are always being formulated to be gentle on your skin. Always make sure that you check the labeling and that it can be removed. Additions of 2 tablespoons of it to 2 cups of hot water.
  • You can go a step further and create a baking soda scrub. One of the basic features of baking soda is that it can absorb grease with ease. It depends on what kind of grease you are handling or having. If it is warm, then dry baking soda can be used and applied so that it is much easier to remove.
  • White vinegar and dish soap can be used. When it comes to household cleaners, you can agree with me that white vinegar is always a champion. It has two ways of doing things. It is a degreaser and also a disinfectant. That means that when you have it, you will have cleaned your kitchen and also disinfected it at the same time.
  • You can also decide to buy borax as the last option. Borax is known as a non-chemical cleaner. Other than that, it is also an eco-friendly and conscious product that is used at the same time. Most people confuse it with boric acid because they are all found in the laundry aisle. Always make sure you look for one that is under the name “20 mule team borax” and it will be there to help you out very well. If you need to have an extra shine, you always need a rub of oil.

Final Words:

Stained kitchen cabinets will always tend to lose their shiny look over time and they may not be the ones that you wanted to have. Why they have stains is because of their frequent exposure to sticky fingers, being exposed to oils that emanate from cooking, the splattering of fingers might also be a source of stains, and many other reasons. It is good therefore to always be on the lookout for the best means or the best ways that you can use to keep such stains off. With the guidelines given, you can be sure that your kitchen will have that shiny look once again. it is always good to have a cabinet that will not look out of place in the kitchen. always be ahead of others so that your kitchen can look new at all times.

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