How to remove scratches from high gloss kitchen doors?

No one does not love having the best looking house, a kitchen is one of the places that are also very crucial. Having a brand new kitchen is everyone’s desire. You might have been suffering in your place of residence but now that’s not something that should worry you at all. Before moving in, your kitchen has been finished with an ultra-gloss type of doors. One look at will assure you that it is one of the best-looking places that you can be, one thing is just a hitch, the type of scratches that are on the doors are pulling you back. Any white door will need you to highly take care of it. But what you need to know is that such types of doors, high gloss, will need daily maintenance for them to be their finest at all times.

Gloss kitchen doors.

These are some of the most complicated when it comes to scratch removal and that’s why you will have to make sure that the door stays always neat and free from them. Most of the time, if it is bad, that’s the scratch, you will not have any option but to change the door with a new one. But you can try to get the scratch out. One thing to remember is that it will not work if the doors are vinyl wrapped.

What you will need to do is to buff it out if it is not too deep. You are advised to use a cutting compound or a T cut. The rule of the thumb at this place is just simple, if you can catch the scratch with your fingernail, then you can easily get it out by buffing. Don’t go too mad, it will worsen the situation instead. Buffing is highly critical and you need to always be careful about how you do it, otherwise, you will end up with just an MDF instead.

Some of the basic requirements that you need to have for such scratch removal.

Doors are made from different materials and each of them will surely need different methods of care. You will find some made from acrylic, melamine, PVC, or even gloss lacquer. Each of the doors will need different ways of upkeep.

PVC and vinyl doors.

These are rated the easiest that you can take care of. What you will need to do is to wipe them with a soft cotton cloth every day. This should be done by everyone after kitchen use. A light wipe will make sure that stains and scratches don’t take a toll on your door.

Melamine doors.

They add different styles of look to your kitchen. Your choice of color will highly depend on the ones that you have used on your kitchen walls and tiles. Their upkeep is quite simple and when you encounter a scratch, you can remove it pretty easily. All you need to do is to repaint the door afresh. Daily cleaning will also work well in removing that bad look that it might have in the long run.

How to handle acrylic doors?

These will give your doors a deep and smoother gloss than others. Their delicate make will entail that you take good care of them. One thing that should be avoided is deep scratches that might come from sharp objects like knives. If they occur, they will ruin the beauty of the door. Use a cotton duster when you want to handle the process of cleaning them.

The last ones are glossy lacquered.

From their name, you can be sure of their shine and sparkle. If well maintained, they are prone to last many years of service. Their bad side is that they don’t go well with scratches, especially the deep ones as they will make the door lose its value.

Always be at the center stage of enjoying the best of your doors. It will be difficult to remove scratches if you get too careless and have deep scratches inflicted. That’s why goo care should always be the priority before you even think of possible solutions. Doors are different and taking care of them will mean that you always have different means and plans.

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