How to tighten moen bathroom faucet handle?

Bathrooms come made with different faucets but for those that have chosen moen, then you are at the right rack to know how to go about it when things are not working the way you expected them to work. After you have installed your bathroom with faucets, they will reach a time when they will just start to leak. That means that they have become loose and need better tightening. Like always, you need to ensure that the right job has been done to avoid spoiling them.

If you have been wondering How to tighten moen bathroom faucet handle, the best way that you can manage to do that is as easy as the steps that are shown below.

  • Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is to unscrew the hub carefully. Remember to do it carefully. This is the bulbous part that is situated right above the escutcheon.
  • Step 2: After you have done that, the next step should be done as carefully as the first one. Pull the whole faucet up and then lift the hub and elbow assembly and remove them. The hub and the elbow assembly should then be turned upside down
  • Step 3: When you were doing some installation, you had an exploded drawing of the handle adapter kit. If you don’t, then you can also check online if you can get anyone that will be of help. You will realize that the bottom arrow of the drawing kit will point to the small Phillips head screw.
  • Step 4: Take a small size head screwdriver and then tighten the screw to be tighter.
  • Step 5: After that, it is now time to put back items, by reattaching them back. Take the hub and the elbow joint and put them back. Ensure that you hold the handle firmly in place and screw the hub tight.

At this point, you have finished the major part of ensuring your moen faucet has been fixed in the right manner.

How to remove the moen faucet handle?

Depending on the type of Moen faucet that you have, you will realize that others will remove the faucet handle by loosening a screw that is put at the backside of the handle. This can be done by the use of a 3/32-inch hex wrench. After removing the handle, you will then unscrew the spout collar nut. This is achieved by turning it counterclockwise, then lifting and rotating the spout off.

Sometimes you don’t have to use screws to ensure that your work is done. What you will need to do is to use an Allen wrench/small screwdriver for removing the screw. You will then use your hands in a careful manner or hands to remove the handle from the faucet. The intention is to have a trick of removing the handle of the tap without using any screw so that you find a good place where you can start taking apart the faucet handle. This will give you a way to go where you want to go after it has been accomplished.

Changing O rings in the faucet.

This is an item that has been made simple but always works in many ways with the assistance of other items. For instance, the O-rings are always beneficial as they ensure that the handle rotates well and prevents water from leaking up the system when the tap is opened for operation. But at some point, they might run faulty or used up. No need for calling experts because you can do it right by yourself. Here are the steps that you are needed to accomplish or follow:

  • Step1: Water that is beneath the sink needs to be shut off. This is important because operating or working with the water turned on means that you need to prepare to get yourself wet. Turn it off.
  • Step 2: You need to ensure that you understand where the O-ring is placed. That means that you will have to examine the handle to easily locate it.
  • Step 3: An appropriate-sized hex wrench is going to be of benefit to you at this point as it is the one that will assist you in removing the hex screw that handles the handle in place. If you don’t have one, never panic or run to buy one, what you need is a good plier as it will try to do the work of that wrench.
  • Step 4: You are now with the O-ring and you can pull it off from the body and then discard it and do a replacement immediately before taking back the components.

To protect your water from leaking, you need to always practice good usage of your faucet handles. For instance, it is not recommended that you turn round and round and round frequently the blades, they will lose the O-ring and what that means is that it will either get damaged or get cut. What follows is frequent leakages. The proper discipline of water usage will always make you safe with a lot of repairs when it comes to the piping components.

Don’t fear the disassembly and the assembly. The diagram that you will get for use is not always friendly because it might make things appear to be tougher than they look. At some point, they will direct you to remove and replace cartridges. This is not necessary because that is just done when having your bathroom installed with faucets. What you will need to do is to pay attention to what matters most, the location of the tabs on the cartridges.

Types of Faucets:

Before you do any repair, it is good to know the kind of faucet that you are going to deal with. We have the following :

  • Disc
  • Compression
  • Cartridge
  • Ball

The ball, disc, and also cartridge types, are known as waterless because they don’t use rubber or even neoprene washers. The compression one is just like any other that you have installed.

Disc or Disk type faucets are the latest inventions that use modern technology. They have been designed with a single lever over a wide cylindrical body. It can mix hot and cold water inside its mixing chamber which is called a pressure balance cartridge.

Cartridge-type faucets are always known for their two handleability. It can be distinguished easily from the others because of its unique make. The major difference that it will give you out is feeling the handles when you use it. Unlike compression faucets that are hard to compress down the washer, cartridge types ensure you have a smooth and consistent action.

Ball-type faucets are regarded as the most common because they were the first types of washerless faucets ever made. Identifying them is easy because they have a single handle that will move over a top round ball-shaped type of cap.

When things don’t match up with you, you might have felt stuck. It is time that you need some help from a trusted person or plumber. This is where the Moens come in. You can be sure that any assistance that you will need with their made products will be available.

Final Words:

At some point, you might be struggling to ensure that you have managed to tighten the item but you don’t succeed because it will just turn round and round. You don’t have to worry about such an issue, there is always a way out. What you will need to use is a Teflon pipe thread tape. This is supposed to be wrapped around threads of either the screw or the stem. You can then manage to slip either of them back and in most cases, the Teflon creates that snug fit that is perfect.

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