How to wash memory foam kitchen mat?

There are many advantages of having memory foam in the kitten but the basic one is that it can ensure that your underfoot is always kept soft. This is very beneficial as it will relieve both foot and leg fatigue that you might encounter from long hours of standing. Other than that, the soft foam can create a comfortable place where children can play comfortably with their toys. With time, this mat will get dirty and we always have to wonder how to get it clean. So, how to wash memory foam kitchen mats? With us we have answers.

Steps and ways you can wash the memory kitchen mat:

1. The first thing that you need to do first is to wash the rug.

  • What you will need to do is to vacuum the rug surface so that any loose dirt and debris is removed completely. If you cannot vacuum, you can alternatively use a brush to brush it off.
  • If you encounter some places that are heavily soiled, then you will need to spot clean them with the use of laundry products. You can use a washing machine but my advice is that you are needed to ensure that the machine is set on a delicate cycle. Use regular laundry soap or detergent.
  • The machine should be filled with cool water and not advisable to use any form of hot water. The major reason is that the memory foam has been made of synthetic material.
  • Avoid using bleach and any other type of cleaning solvents or chemicals.

2. Drying the mat should be done in a good manner.

  • When you finish the cleaning cycle, remove the mat from the machine. Before you embark on drying, you also need to ensure that you have checked the care tag and find out if they have given any drying recommendations.
  • You will realize that some manufacturers will prefer drying on low and even removing the rug when it’s still damp. This is important because it will allow it to finish on air drying so that it does not suffer from peeled backing.
  • Others will suggest that you lay it flat so that it can dry, or even hang it on the provided loops. They provide loops for a purpose and I advise that you don’t use clothespins. This is because they will pinch the foam and end up leaving compression marks on the mat.
  • Some memory foams will require you to gently stretch them after laundering them so that you restore them to their original shape.
  • It is good to know that memory foam rugs always hold water for a longer time and that’s why they will take a little bit longer to dry.

Is it good to clean kitchen floor mats every day?

As we have seen above, floor mats in the kitchen are beneficial. But most people are also wondering how long you can clean them. Cleaning them every day, what is your take on that? Now, first of all, you will need to understand the kind of mat that you have. With the non-slip mats that are made of heavy rubber, cleaning them will be a daunting task for you to do. What you will need is proper care. Slip-resistant mats in the kitchen are recommended for daily cleaning by either sweeping or even brushing with a stiff-bristled broom. If you leave them with lingering impurities, they can fasten the life cycle of the mat by shortening it.

You also need to ensure that the floor underneath the mat is always clean so that the underside of the mat also does not wear and tear out very fast. In the kitchen, cooking is always what happens there and grease and oil will accumulate over time. That’s why you will need to ensure better mat cleaning at all times. Some might get tempted to use solvent-based cleansers so that they sterilize the mats. This is not a recommended option to choose from. Just use a strong water-based cleaner.

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Final Words

To wrap it up, always make sure that anything that surrounds your food area is always clean and kept neat at all times. Don’t leave mats too long before you get them cleaned. Daily cleaning like brushing should always be accomplished and slight dusting before you embark on full cleaning.

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