Is it safe to use dryer sheets for baby clothes?

Before we dwell much into dryer sheets, let’s try to understand what they are. They are a type of fabric softener. Most people, including the environmental working groups, will generally not recommend the use of fabric softeners because they are not that safe at all. Some have been made with ingredients that are not safe at all and you will find them associated with asthma. That’s why people will always ask themselves, is it easier to find dryer sheets that are safe for baby clothes? The answer is always challenging, it can be yes and also not safe.

Babies are always critical to handle and it’s not recommended that you use dryer sheets for their clothes. You will realize that eczema is a common problem that most babies will experience, and with the addition of such sheets, you will just worsen the situation. This is because of the fragrance and chemical residue that might further make the baby’s skin irritated. Some of the dryer sheets are also associated with asthma-associated chemicals.

If you must choose such sheets, then you will have to have knowledge of the best ones like the dryer balls instead or choose the ones that are known to have safer ingredients in them. That way, you will not be in a position of putting your kid at risk of suffering from problems that he/she might not be able to control.

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Safest choices to select or have:

There is not much that you can choose from when handling baby sheets in regards to ingredients. There are just a few as illustrated below.

1. Attitude Static Eliminator

They are static eliminating clothes that have been made from 99% polyester and also 1% of nylon. There are no other ingredients that you can worry about. Each of the packages comes with 2 clothes and can be reused up to 300 loads. They even work best when they are used with combo and wool dryer balls. That’s just optional as they can be used alone. They are not that perfect but when used as directed, they will do their work pretty well.

2. Babyganics Dryer Balls

They work by ensuring that clothes in the dryer are lifted and separated. The outcome of it is that they will allow efficient drying as they ensure better airflow can pass through and between the fabrics. On the contrary, you will have to expect reduced dryer times unlike before, up to 25%. But it is worth it because you will enjoy having softer clothes than before that have no chemicals at all.

3. Grab Green Wet Dryer Sheets

They are rated to be environmentally friendlier as compared to the traditional dryer sheets. They are also fairly effective when it comes to removing that static clinging. They are made from safer ingredients and will ensure that no residue is left on the clothes or inside the dryer. It is free from dyes, phosphates, toxins, phthalates, and any animal by-products.

4. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

These are paper sheets that can leave your clothes static-free and fluffy. They are better off because they come in a handful of garden good scents. They have not been tested on animals and have fewer harsh chemical ingredients as compared to other types of brands. They are not the best choice but if your family does not suffer from fragrances or scents, you can opt to try them out.

5. Seventh-Generation Softener Fabric Brands

For those that have sensitive skin, this is one of the best choices that you can have. They are made free of irritating dyes and fragrances. The better part is that they have been tested by dermatologists. They have better results against any static cling problems.

6. Honest Dryer Clothes

They have been made from 97% ingredients that have been derived from plants. They don’t have any fragrances or dyes and are specially formulated to be non-irritating, especially for people that have irritating skin. Each of the sheets that are here is reusable. That means that you can at least get 2-loads from one sheet.

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It is a hard thing to choose the best dryer sheet to choose from. The best ones as you have seen are either the static eliminators or the dry balls. Others will have at least some less few chemicals that you will have to decide if they are good for your use or not.

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