plants that improve air quality in your bedroom

3 Plants That Improve Air Quality in Your Bedroom

There are lots of reasons and ways that your air indoors will be polluted even though with small levels. With us, after doing some research, we have found that you can always make sure that your air indoors is always fresh. The best way to ensure that that is done is by the use of indoor plants. Even the use of the simplest amount of foliage will ensure that air quality in your bedroom is improved. Here are the best plants that you can use.

Garden Mum

garden mum

This is a plant that is known to be popular at garden stores in the fall. They are loved because of the beautiful blooms that grow with them. They are perennials and are also very great when it comes to interacting with other plants. This is because they at some point require you to do deadheading, a process that involves pinching off of the spent flowers.

When you have them, you need to display them in a cool spot and will need up to 10 hours of sunlight. On a lighter note but that needs to be taken care of is that the plants are toxic to pets if they eat them. That will mean that you need to keep pets from their reach. Once the danger of frost is gone, you can again plant them outside.

Spider Plant

spider plant

This is an erect herbaceous plant that has hairy, purple stems and also many branches that grow up to a height of about a meter. The great news about the plant is that it is rated among the easiest plants that you can grow indoors to deal with your air purifying needs. That’s why they are great for those that want to start their indoor plant growing. If you are also forgetful, you can have these as your best choice.

The plant is now to love bright and indirect sunlight. That is why they will send out shoots that have flowers that will eventually grow out into baby spider plants. You can take the babies and place them in their pot but remain attached to their mother plant. Once they are rooted, you can now snip them off. The usage that you will decide to have will entirely depend on you. You can decide to give them out to your friends or use them to increase plant life in your bedroom.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

They are the easiest plants that you can take care of. At the same time, as compared to many others out there, they come with additional health wins that you can get. Their leaves have a clear liquid that is full of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and some other type of compounds that are known to have wound healing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial abilities. That means that other than using them in the bedroom for daily air purifying needs, they turn out to be a healing plant.

Tips for Indoor Plants

There are a few things that you need to know about indoor plants. It is always advised that you use a pretty pot to grow them this will prevent any further indoor pollution. You can also use organic soil. These kinds of plants are just like any other and will need watering before you even decide to transplant them. If you see any roots protruding, you will need to snip them off, one way of grooming them to make them look smart and elegant. Don’t pull when you need to remove the plant. Just tip the plant upside down as you hold it to the soil surface and ease it out gently rather than pulling it out.

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