types of bedrooms in a house

5 Common Types of Bedrooms In a House

Bedrooms are not always the same and they can be categorized into different types according to the size that they have and also the major function that they are playing. What makes them vary is majorly the size with the type of arrangement that they are having, the type of furniture that is placed in there, and many other things. You will find 5 types of bedrooms categorized as below:

  • Master bedroom
  • Kid's bedroom
  • Infant’s bedroom
  • Dorm bedrooms
  • Guest room

To understand how each of them works, let’s have a closer look at each one of them in detail. 

1. Master bedroom

master bedroom

A master bedroom is the largest of the bedrooms that you can find in a house. This is where you find adults escaping the stresses that they have accumulated all day long. When you look at its construction, to make it better, you will find it has an addition of a bathroom where you can take a shower as you go to rest.

Some of these bathrooms also vary, one can be designed with glass and sliding doors that will lead out to the patio or deck where you will relax and enjoy some privacy. You will have the bedroom ranging from the classic to the modern designs. But mainly consider the storage space, the kind of lighting that you will have, and also the comfort that it will bring along.

You can also get various designs of these according to your taste and liking. For instance, 

  • You can have a mix of traditional decor with modern or classic taste to make it unique.
  • You can also spice up the decor of the room with various kinds of colors from the walls to the floor.
  • The type of furniture that you will be having in the bedroom also varies, your choice will be the best in the bedroom.
  • Also, lighting is very essential, right from the natural light that comes from the windows to the electric lighting that you will have set up.
  • The bed and its components should also be able to provide you with the best kind of sleeping ever. Choose the right, especially the mattress.

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2. Kid's Bedroom

kids bedroom

When children have grown up a bit, you will find them being given a separate room to sleep. This is always right as it teaches them to start being independent and also responsible for some things. That means that most homes will always have a separate room made for the kids. These bedrooms are always smaller than the master bedrooms and hence having them decorated becomes a little bit tricky.

There are also many things that you will find yourself in trouble with when choosing what you will have to put in the rooms and what you don’t need to put. For instance, when you are choosing furniture, it is always good for you to match it well with the age of the child. This is very essential so that you can prevent any form of injuries that might arise.

Another major thing to do is to avoid having it overcrowded. This will give room for the movement of kids freely otherwise they will pump into items as they move along. Kids will not have outgrown the use of toys and hence you will need to have some little storage space for their toys as well. With this in-store, you will have them learn how they will keep the room smart or neat at all times.

An additional thing that I can remind you of is to ensure that you have a switch to the lights that are accessible to them. Remember they are kids and will have to put on or off the lights especially at night. When you will not be there, they need to have that confidence of ensuring the lights are on when they need them and off when they don’t, although at most times you will see them off to bed, not always you will be there to put off the lights for them. Let them also learn.

3. Infant’s Bedroom

infant’s bedroom

One thing that you will have to learn at this point is that babies can sleep better in their bedrooms when they are 4 months old. But it will always depend on your family lineage because some families have suffered from SIDS deaths of kids that sleep in such rooms. But depending on the age that you want to have or use, infants’ rooms are always the most technical parts or places that you will have in a home. The best place for such a room is near the master bedroom. With the infant bed and cribs well designed, kids can find a better sleeping style at all times. It should also have the best lighting and enough warm air circulation.

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4. Dorm Bedrooms

dorm bedrooms

These are also some small rooms that you can find in a house or a home. But there are also different types of dorm rooms that you will be able to encounter or have. For instance, you can have single-sex down. These will allow the same-gender to occupy the room and will also have restrictions on visitors of the opposite sex visiting the room. You will also have special interest dorms that can cater to students that will have the same interests.

Some suites will have 2 bedrooms that are adjacent to a living space. Being double, the dorms can accommodate 2 roommates at the same time. It is hard to find a single dorm because it is not always common, but if you have a person that will need some privacy, then that’s the best place that you can have for him/her.

What you will put in these rooms also vary greatly because what you will find or have are people that will stay for a long time or some specified period. Having beds is vital but according to the number of people in the room, and the size of the room, you can decide to either have double-deck beds or single beds in the room. A cabinet is essential for clothes with some small wardrobe to keep some essential items.

5. Guest Room

When you get the term guest, then you can be sure of getting some friends and family visiting your home. That means that you will have some comfortable place that you will accommodate them for some specified period, short or long. These are unique bedrooms and that’s why you will find them having an adjacent room to also take care of their needs. That will also have provided the guests with some privacy that they need while at your home. To add to that, remember that guest bedrooms should also have a closet, but it should be empty with also hangers and also dressers. These will help the visitors be able to pack and unpack their personal belongings without having you involved while they are visiting.

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Just like the master bedroom, the room should also have adequate lighting. Provide visitors with a comfortable chair that they can use with a reading lamp. They need to just be as comfortable as they were at their homes. Since they are your visitors, just provide them your best. The major advantage that you will find with these bedrooms is that their decorations will just need neutral colors so that you can create a comfortable atmosphere that is also relaxing.

A bedroom is a place where you can have a good rest, do your small reading, listen to some music, sleep, make your phone calls among other things. That's why it must have some privacy around it, quiet and also some peace. One of the major things that you will need to have in it is that it should be well lit and also airy. Putting it in some green garden will be an added advantage because the oxygen that will be released by plants will play the rejuvenating factor for its occupants. One major thing to consider is that any location of these bedrooms will depend on the layout of the house and the cardinal directions.

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