uses for cone shaped coffee filters

8 Practical Uses For Cone-Shaped Coffee Filters In Home

There are some household things that you will always find useful and essential and coffee filters will not miss out. They will ensure that you get that wonderful start of a day in the morning but because of their usage, you can be sure that they come with lots of advantages in the morning too. They are very simple and have a lint-free design. So, if you want to have them home and have real uses, then here are some of the ways that you will use benefiting from having them.

1. They will help in soothing out those puffy eyes.

soothe out puffy eyes

Your eyes might be puffy and even itchy, how can you give them back their normal feeling? For a fester way, coffee filters will help you out. What you need to do is to soak those coffee filters in tea that has been brewed or even plain water. After that, let them chill in the fridge. Fold the filters up and then place them over your eyes. Let the soothing cold take over and you will feel just nice.

2. You can use them to grease your pans.

grease the pan with oil

If you want to spread oil and butter to your cooking or baking pans, the best choice that you can have is the use of filters. Their major advantage is that they will not leave behind any residues or any form of fibers. Using them is easy because you will just need to keep them in a bit of oil or butter that is softened and then rub it inside the pan.

3. The best when you need to protect your dishes.

dish protectors storage

Dishes can suffer from getting scratches and nicks as you stack them up. But the filters will prevent such kind of thing from happening because they are placed in between the dishes. They can withstand the frequent movement of dishes but also, soft in ensuring that there is no damage caused.

4. The best when it comes to controlling odors.

best odor control for home

Using it is simple. What you need to do is to scoop a few spoons of baking soda and into the filter, twist it to have that close ability, and then secure it tightly with a rubber band. That’s done, you are now free to place them where you want, inside bags, closets, fridge, and any other place that you feel doors emanate from.

5. They are the best when you need to do some cleaning up.

cleaning phone screen

When you want to do some cleaning jobs or even maintain some rags, they are the best to choose and even use. Their lint-free ability makes them great when you need to clean computers, windows, and televisions. The good news that you get from them is that they can clean smart even the squeaky clean surfaces.

6. Can be added in small quantities to soups.

coffee filter in soups

When you are cooking, you can bear me witness that some ingredients need to be taken from others. To make your meal flavored and tasting nice, small additions of this coffee will not do any harm but instead, make things look and taste smart. Tie your ingredients in the coffee filter and place it in the simmering soup. Wait for it to taste better.

7. Helpful in the keeping of celery crisps.

celery cover with coffee filter

What you need to do is to wrap the celery stalks that you have in a coffee filter. After that, place them in a storage bag and store them in the fridge. The work of the coffee filter will be to absorb off any excess moisture so that your crisps are kept longer.

8. Can be used to sprout seeds.

coffee filter sprouts seeds

Spring is around the corner and you need to jump-start your spring planting. The process of using it is simply because you are needed to dampen your coffee filter in water and then have a few seeds placed inside. Put the fold in a Ziploc bag and store it in a warm place. It will only take a few days and seeds will sprout.

There are so many ways of using these coffee filters at home. They just ensure that your life is always simplified in a manner that most people never expected. If you want to be ahead, then think ahead with simple tactics. Find out what they can do and never have those missing from your home.

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