What is the weight limit on an Intex air mattress

What is the weight limit on an Intex air mattress?

You will just need to accept that the world is changing and the technology of mattresses are also changing. The introduction of air mattresses into the market has brought everything to look easy for those that want to have an extra mattress to use at home. Air mattresses are good because, they don’t need more space to be laid on, no need for a bed. Just have it, fill it with the required air, and it is there to serve you.

But now, intext air mattresses have been made and many are wondering what’s the weight limit that they can handle. We still try to break it down for you right here. Air beds come made and ready to handle different weights but they also have weight limitations. Most standard ones have been made to handle up to 300lbs. This is possible when it is assumed that they don’t have either a high profile or any other extra features. This is also for one person. For the full-size mattress, you will find them handling 450lbs and that’s able to handle 2 people. The queen size mattress, on the other hand, that’s the single and also the raised ones, it can handle up to 600lbs, that’s also between 2 individuals.

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How to fill an air mattress?

Many at this point are always prone to doing just the opposite of what is expected. For instance, it is never an easy thing to just inflate it with too much air, or overfilling. It has been noted that if air mattresses are filled to the maximum capacity, they will experience too much stress on the seams. That will lead to the escape of air instead of retention as it is supposed to be. Now, we recommend that you only fill that mattress to a maximum of 90% of its capacity, more especially when you are using it for the first time. Overfilling the mattress will decrease its lifespan and might even cause some rupture, and that’s the end life of it.

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Wondering why the intext air mattress keeps on deflating?

This is just a normal thing to happen and you will even find them deflating overnight. This is nothing new because they have been designed to do so. Adding to that, the temperature and the pressure that they will get will be major factors that will contribute to deflation. One thing that you need to know is that there are no air mattes that has been innovated to be airtight. The small physics that works here is that, during cold times, the air inside will tend to condense and that way, you will notice that the mattress is tending to look like it has lost some air. That’s just a physical change that’s happening.

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How to control deflation?

Although no mattress is airtight, you can be able to do control how much air is lost and maintained. The small trick is here. The first thing that you need to do is to prevent the air in the mattress from going cold. That can be achieved by placing a portable space heater close to the mattress. This will ensure that warmth is maintained in the sleeping area.

Another way to ensure there is less deflation is by blowing up the bed just several hours before you get to sleep. This will be very important because you will have allowed your bed to get used to the room temperature. You can also go ahead to top up the bed with air if you realize slight deflation that’s noticed during bedtime.

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Can I sleep on an air mattress every night?

I cannot advocate that because it is not known the kind of support that it will provide. It is completely ok to sleep on it once in a while. If you use it for long, then be prepared to suffer from back pains and also stiffness. The spine always needs adequate support so that it is well aligned so that you won’t have a restorative kind of sleep.

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When you are looking for a mattress that will be most suitable for indoor use, the Intex air mattress will just be the best choice for you. They can ensure that you can have your guests have a better sleeping place without spending the extra money to look for a place they could sleep. It is a comfortable bed and will make sure that you sleep better just like in a normal bed, or even better than it.

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